Opinion: The political elite can all lie for themselves…

Now, there is a viral clip going of Deputy President William Ruto calling Raila Odinga the Lord of Poverty. Well, they are both that, and the President is it too. That Odinga at one point stood up and seemed principal was just a mere suggestion. As he has traded sides and ethics after the handshake, the Building Bridges Initiative have switched him over night.

Odinga is now for Huduma Namba, the Mastercard and Government of Kenya enterprise to skim the public for yet another registration drive. That is just what they do. Odinga is also so peaceful, that he sends condolences to the Safaricom CEO Collymore, as he did asks his supporters mere two years ago to resist it. That is why the political can lie to themselves.

That DP Ruto uses Odinga is well known, he has to have a someone to point at. It just happens to be him. The man who has his own staff forging letters to try to get sympathy for his cause, whatever that is, most likely another get rich scheme. As Ruto defends the Eurobonds, the NYS and whatever else the state has eaten.

The state is eating its own pensions, its own loans and own development funds, the stadiums isn’t built, the SGR is a debt-trap and Mombasa port is a haven for corrupt civil servants, but that is also Nairobi, where the elite is sanctioning them.

That is why the speeches of Kenyatta, sending warnings, the ones where Ruto points finger at Odinga. And Odinga together with Orengo promises a Canaan, all a tribe of people eating of the bone. They are all eating the last slices of meat and hoping no one notices.

Well, it is just the mirage, the game they play. The fun and games, as the Mudavadi, the Kalonzo’s, the Sonko’s and the rest are trying to find their pot to piss in. The others are ruling the world, they are allowed to walk where others cannot trespass, you need their guidance and their help. If not you end up behind bars for pushing the barrel, or if not ending up in exile. There are no-one who can touch the elite and take away their price, your and all citizens money and even the future returns on the failing loans. That is for the elite to eat and for the poor to pay. Somehow and somewhere in the near distant future.

We can all see it, the power-play, the grabs and trying to succeed Uhuru. We can all see it, as the Jubilee, the TangaTanga, the Tano Terror and what else in store, as the hustlers, the thieves and the ones promising redemption is on the horizon. The syncopates and the high ranking officials all working in tandem, while the citizens pay more tax and pay more for the goods. That is just a blessing for the cartels, the investors and the Chinese development state owned companies.

This is all in the vision and the prospects, as the police answer only to the elite, the tribe of power and the ones they hold dear. The rest has to suffer, at one point or another. The Jubilee, the KANU or whatever that is running the nation, they are all doing the same. Fighting corruption and eating of the plate of the citizen. While mostly doing the second, and only talking of the first.

Kenyatta is the man, DP Ruto is the sidekick and Odinga is the bad-cop, but they are just playing for keeps. They are all winning, while the public is losing. Peace.

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