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Sudan: Lt. Gen. Hemiti is much more conning than I ever could anticipate…

Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagaio aka Hemiti, the warlord of the Janjaweed, the man whose the mighty enforcer of the Rapid Support Force. A brutal militia whose force has caused havoc over the years in Darfur. Who shown recently what they did there in Khartoum. Who is know the deputy leader in the Transitional Military Council (TMC), the new leadership structure of Sudan, post Al-Bashir are now showing his conning ways.

This man will do whatever to stay in power and has now not only hired a Canadian Lobbying firm for the giant amount of 6 Million USD, but he has given them specific targets to clean their slate and look good internationally. This is the usage of the Saudi Arabian donation to the Sudan government, as it would make way for a positive reporting internationally, by the help of foreign backers like Dickens and Madson. This is really conning.

What the FARA documents reveal is their mission. The mission to control more of the oil reserves in South Sudan, by the help of foreign backers. They are clearly trying to forge an alliance of control of the South Sudan, by taking it back by the diplomatic measures. This is how the Sudanese repay the tribute of Khartoum declaration and new revitalized peace agreement in Juba.

Just take a look:

“More specifically we shall lobby to garner international support for the restoration of domestic tranquility in Sudan. In furtherance of this end we shall strive to obtain urgent meetings for your representatives with Heads of various Middle Eastern Governments to discuss and resolve any outstanding matters between Sudan and these Governments and enhance mutual cooperation especially in the field of internal security. We shall also strive to have the United States terrorist designation of Sudan dropped. We shall also seek a resolution to any remaining State divestment programs and issues of U.S. Export Controls and regulations. We shall further attempt to correct unfavorable international media coverage and current misconceptions concerning the Sudan and its Government. We shall assist in the integration of South Sudan with Sudan in the form of a Sudanese Union modeled after the European Union and the integration of the marketing of the oil and mineral reserves into a consolidated entity. We shall also strive to secure for you U.S. investment in a joint oil project involving the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan for the full development of existing and potential oil and gas resources” (Dickens and Madson – Consultancy Agreement, 07.05.2019).

The TMC and Hemiti really have no scruples, not only to make themselves look good by paying millions in lobbying. All sort of dictators, dictatorships and their allies does this. It is well  known and they all have a partner in close proximity of Washington DC to make them look good. So, it is not shocking that the Sudanese TMC wants smell good in public, but it is their initial missions of the lobbying. That signals what they are up too.

The Khartoum based leadership, the TMC, the one who uses force against unarmed civilians and massacre them without any haste; will now use the foreign backers to clear their slate and ensure a safe journey in power.

We see that the RSF head honcho and deputy in the TMC is now trying to forge himself another image. Which will not be the true picture of the state, but the ones that favours him and his ambition. Clearly, it is much more dire and vicious that previously broadcast. The only good news, is that the transparency of the FARA documents revealed these matters. So, that the Sudanese and TMC couldn’t forge this narrative. Peace.

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