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Opinion: Museveni shoots himself in the foot at the Beijing Summit 2019!

“Then, finally, for a long time, there was the problem of suppressing democracy, which created unaccountable regimes. This problem has been addressed almost everywhere, although we need to continue refining the quality. The good thing is that many African leaders are now aware of this multi-dimensional challenge to Africa’s growth and transformation, unlike in the past when some of the actors would only emphasize one dimension such as education and forget all the others.  When you are aware of a problem, then you cannot fail to solve it” – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the Beijing Summit (25.06.2019).

Sometimes, you wonder if these heads of state does it deliberate or if they think the world is stupid. We know that these Executives, these Commanders in Chief and the Presidents of our time has enough yes men to fill in several of sports teams. Still, these “yes men” are not able to iron out the inefficiencies and the wrongs in the speeches of their master. Today is the proof, is of President Museveni, who has shot himself in the foot.

He is running an unaccountable regime, who has no issues with torturing MPs, arrest dissidents or charge them with treason. It has no trouble with arresting and detaining Dr. Stella Nyanzi for over 230 days now for insulting the leopard’s anus. That is just the way things is.

The Problem With MUSEVENI at this point, he knows all the problems, but fails to solve them. Because, if he did, it would mean he had to retire and the whole system need an overhaul of epic proportions. Something, Mr Sunday doesn’t want to happen, because he wants to eat and he wants to ensure that his loyal cronies eats too. That is just the way things are.

At this point of time, in 2019, as he states the problem of suppressing democracy, as his own republic are supressing dissidents, opposition and the ones counting his regime. He is one-dimensional himself. He had a ten-point program, Vision 2020 and Vision 2040, which all are fine on paper, but never have the capacity to actually achieve any of them. That, because of how the state operates from the State House and beyond. This is common knowledge.

Still, the President salutes that the leaders of the continent knows the problems of the past. Something, even this President proclaimed in 1992 “What is Africa’s Problem?” and for some reason left it on the bookshelf, never to open again.  That is why he hasn’t solved the issues in that book in his own republic even.

That is why its rich today, to read his speech in Beijing, as he is on a another journey for more debt and loans for most likely dubious infrastructure projects, where he will have Chinese contractors, Chinese workers on Chinese loans to fix local bottlenecks in Uganda. Because, that is the development of the day, with some kickbacks to his personal staff and accounts. Since, that is how you raise funds in these troublesome times.

Maybe, he should if he even would listen to his own wisdom sometimes. Actually solve the problems and not only feeds the cronies, which he is preoccupied with doing of late. Since, that keeps him in power, but doesn’t develop the Republic. Peace.

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