Opinion: Tshisekedi is in Kabila’s mercy!

There are rumoured of a meeting again between President Felix Tshisekedi and former President Joseph Kabila, as the unholy favourable union of Kabila-Tshisekedi continues. The FCC-CACH is a victory for Kabila without doing much. He has the stakes and the minion is Tshisekedi. This is just public knowledge now.

Kabila called a meeting tomorrow, which will be in the residence of Tshisekedi, while Kabila haven’t left the Presidential Palace and doesn’t plan to do so. This is the man that ruled for long and seemingly controls it all from a distance. Tshisekedi is just a useful pawn, so that Kabila isn’t the face of the state, but still ensures that his allies are favoured. That is why the Prime Minister a former one of Mobutu and himself. It is a man Kabila can trust, not a random technocrat whose might have more qualities as leader at this point.

This is just the typical now, as the Kabila way from closed doors, that is why we are in June 2019 and the sworn-in President is still waiting in the wind to able to swear-in his own cabinet. That is because the President got no leverage or power. The FCC and allies got the MPs, got the Representatives and got the Local Governments too. The Lamuka and CACH got just mere breadcrumbs, this is known, but still Tshisekedi made a secret agreement to fit the bill.

This bill has to paid, as his is literately serving Kabila. Kabila is maybe not the President, but Tshisekedi is no one without Kabila. That is public knowledge. The FCC-CACH is a match made in hell, as the burning fires and everything Felix touches has to be confirmed by Kabila. That is a clear lost.

Felix Tshisekedi has the title and the honour, but not having the power or credibility. The President are a waterboy for Kabila. It must be a bitch to be His Excellency, but still asking for favours from the previous one. That is what he does. Surely, that is not the fate the man wanted, but it is better than being an opposition in exile. Peace.

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