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Sudan: The TMC colonized Khartoum today!

Rapid Support Forces soldier records the massacre. He says: “kill them all. They took away my holiday” The woman at the end is asked “military or civilian (governmentt)?” Under durress, she says “military,” The soldier responds “If you said civilian, I will show you.”” (Sudan In The News, 03.06.2019).

Well, the dreadful news is out. The internet is blocked, the news coming out from Sudan is through VPN. While the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) combined with Rapid Support Force (RSF) assaulted the public, killed and burned the places where the sit-in protest has lasted since April 2019.

Now today, the Sudan’s Doctors Committee says atleast 30 people are killed, but hard to verify, as people haven’t gotten to hospitals. As several of hospitals been blocked or even attacked by the state security agents. Also, reports of bodies dropped into the river Nile. As well, hundreds of wounded people, but not sure about the full extent, as the authorities are controlling it all.

The RSF and others have tried to assault, kill and even sexually assault people in broad-daylight, as they have directly annexed the capital with force. They have come in as a foreign invader and colonized Khartoum. The Transitional Military Council, the leadership of it has not showed character, but instead their thirst of blood.

These men whose in charge of the TMC are shown what they are, they are warlords and despots, as evil and sinister as the henchmen of a dictator would be. They show why Omar Al-Bashir trusted them until the end. Because, they have no heart and no care. The TMC are now having more bodies on their heads, than can be verified and surely they will do whatever to downplay the excessive force used. As the Sit-In is a burned field of former barricades and camps blown away. As they used live-bullets, blocked roads and took people out of cars to assault them.

The live footage from Khartoum is devastating and that is just minor moments of what happened. As the TMC, the RSF and NISS had no interest in getting this broadcast. Surely, the want to kill the revolution and not give way for civilian rule, but they are just showing why the public want this. Because, who can trust people who senselessly kills and destroys without any prewarning. Who can trust leaders who are cowards with guns, who cannot stand up and listen to the will of the people. These are weak men with arms, not leaders, they are cowards, petty criminals with temporary power.

The TMC are living on borrowed time, they will answer for their crimes, the Forces of Freedom and Change Declaration (FFCD) and the Sudanese Professional Authority will react to this and call for more demonstrations. As they will say, this is the reason why the military have to give way for civilian rule. They are proving why the coup d’etat isn’t changing anything, because the head is different, but the acts is the same. The TMC is just as bad as the previous master.

The TMC can act a fool and come out with statements, but the deceased, the fatalities will speak, the innocent civilians hurt and living in fear. Is the memo to the world of the atrocities and level of killings they will do to stay in power. It is officially 30 dead, but we know there was plenty more. As the people didn’t dare to go out of their houses, they were afraid going to the hospitals, where the RSF was awaiting their destiny. This is how these sinister acts go.

The TMC will be remembered for this, these acts of evil. They got blood on their hands and it will haunt them, just like the rest of them. At one point it will get caught up and destroy them. The TMC is only protecting itself, not the people. The army is supposed to protect the territory and the citizens of it, not colonize and destroy it to rule, but that is what it does. Peace.

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