Sudan: TMC and FCD talks is stalled [Because the TMC doesn’t want Civilian Authority]

As the Sudanese Revolution continues, the Transitional Military Council continues to hold all the cards, while not willing to give their power and their cards away. Even if the whole reason for the revolution sparked last December 2018 is still continuing strong. As the sit-in at the Military Headquarters continues and the FCD is having more power to demonstrate nationwide. Still, the TMC is keeping it close to their chest and not giving way.

The TMC continues to persist on another 3 year grace period after the fall of President Omar Al-Bashir. While keeping a close circle of former allies and relics of the previous leadership at bay. One member of the TMC, the former leader of the Rapid Support Force aka Janjaweed, the current VP of the TMC, Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo aka “Himaditi” have said to the professionals who are engaging in civil disobedience and strikes after the stalled talks will be dismissed. This is what has been said by him in a footage leaked online. Clearly, he lives by the paradigm of the previous leadership and shows why the TMC cannot be trusted.

Here is a piece of the newest Press Statement from the Sudanese Professional Authority:

Yesterday a new round of talks between the Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FCD) and the Transitional Military Council (TMC) was held and we can say in all transparency that the Military Council is still placing the sovereign council cart before the revolution’s horse and is determined to undermine the FCD objectives. We, at SPA, believe that the cart must be pushed aside to let the revolution’s horse run its course to the finish line. TMC’s insistence on having a sovereign council with a military majority and headed by a military figure falls short of meeting the Revolution’s objectives. The FCD has clearly identified “civil authority” as an indispensable tool for change. Such civil authority cannot be attained by merely replacing an old military power with a new one. FCD’s intention is to have a system of government where all the structures of governance are purely civilian and a civilian majority representation at all levels, including the sovereign. Our armed forces shall undertake the noble and patriotic duty of safeguarding this system” (Sudanese Professional Association – Press Statement, 21.05.2019).

Surely, when someone after a stalled talks and not even trying to be sincere. As it seems the TMC want to set all the boundaries for the talks and also the possible in their terms. Only use the FCD for props for recognition internationally. Even if the sit-in and demonstrations are organized by them and hurting them directly. The TMC might have gotten a huge boost by the sudden donations from the Saudis, which was bountiful and others pledge to do the same. But they will be remembered for keeping a military junta alive, the relics and the remaining military command in-check and not listening to the people on the ground.

These is resilient and hard-working rebels. This is people who has stood and fought since the December last year. The Sudanese have fought the brave fight and continues. Even after the fall of Al-Bashir, his charges and his brother caught in jail too. Still, they prolong their revolution, because they know its the whole system and the people around him who made this government they had. That is why they are fighting the TMC who are filled with people, who was loyal to Al-Bashir into the bitter end. They was his henchmen and his Generals. These was the men who had no trouble getting rid of the enemies of the state, the ones who had the courage to stand-up against the NCP and their army. Certainly, the TMC knows this, but trying to act like a different breed.

When in reality, the different breed is who they are supposed to negotiate with to ensure a swift transition and an escape from the current predicament. The predicament of a prolonged military rule. Which is what the TMC is! Peace.

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