Opinion: NRM Manifesto Week is disrespectful to the rest of the public!

Let me just say this bluntly, there is nothing wrong in a party, a ruling regime nor a political activities as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have been doing this week as they celebrate their pyrrhic victory three years ago in 2016. That the NRM wants to have a Manifesto Week is cool too.

However, the reason why this is disrespectful is that the same forces that are ruling is reigning are blocking anyone else from hold meetings, radio-shows or anything engaging the public. This shows why the Republic is really not free or fair. The NRM can do this and get the public rallied up, even when there is no election, no election road-map and such. The Public Order Management Act is not used to stop a public rally in Koboko or Ntungamo, but if the Opposition would show up. The army and Police would block the venue and rally. We have seen this off late and its well known.

Even as the President holding rallies in Ntungamo, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) couldn’t even visit their local party office in Rubaga Division of Kampala, but had to have the same leaders in the Najjakumbi instead. This just shows the ordinary vision of the state. While the President can give his hand-sign to the public, but if Besigye does it is inciting violence. This is not satire, but sadly enough real life.

That is why the whole NRM Manifesto Week is disrespectful, if the NRM would let FDC even meet their local leaders where-ever in the republic. There would be a level playing-field. If Bobi Wine would be allowed to hold concerts or even public gatherings too. If Asuman Basalirwa could do his thing too. Not to talk about the Democratic Party or Uganda Peoples Congress for that matter, but don’t put your money on it.

It is only the President who can hold rallies, meetings and gatherings, the only one campaigning and paying bishops with cars, giving SACCO’s cash and whatever to buy votes for 2021. While a teacher who had a side-job could be fired, even if he haven’t gotten paid for 6 months. This is just the way the President does it.

If he thinks his bright, his not, his gig is up. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni rule is really tyrannical, not for the ones, whose the blessed elite, but the rest are scrambling for breadcrumbs. We could lie, but I am not part of NRM SOMA or any other. I am just seeing and explaining what I am seeing.

This NRM Manifesto Week is just insincere and done, because the President fears the Opposition, fears the People Power and People’s Government. That is why his touring to show his force, but I am not buying it. But then again, I am not Raphael Magyezi or another useful tool. Peace.

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