The Reign of Tshisekedi: The 100 days of Nothing!

Surely, the wonder of the world isn’t in the hands of President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, even if he has a fancy title and have the highest office of the Republic. Still, its not like his governing with pride or with honour. As his government aren’t really succeeding and by everyday going.

There are enough trouble brewing in the Republic. There is still lingering insurgency in the provinces of Kivu. The lack of treatment or care for the health care personnel whose there to stagnate the rising crisis in the spiralling ebola crisis. Therefore, there is enough to twist your mind around it, just right there. That without the other powerful questions lingering for the Presidency.

How will the Presidency keep the Katanga satisfied and their will to challenge the Republic, whenever they see fit. When will the President ensure all areas of Ituri is safe. Alas, when will the republic secure and provide status and fair taxation of the mineral extraction industry. Not to forget about the illegal logging and mining in general, done by various rebel outfits, whose questionable support from foreign powers also lingers on like a sour thumb. Hurting innocent civilians and destroying their future.

This is what is happing and a dying silence. The former President and his party, owns the Parliament, has the most of the vital parts of local government and currently in control of all bodies in the near proximity of the President. President Tshisekedi aka Fatshi, who has to beg for the predecessor to do anything. Kabila can toy around and ensure his will be done, as the FCC-CACH agreement is in his mercy and the ones from CACH has to pray to the Gods to get anything. Vital Kamerhe and Tshisekedi was useful pawns for his game.

Now, the same government using similar protocol as it did under the previous leadership to question the opposition and even putting criminal charges on them. Now Martin Fayulu has to get interviewed for “crimes” and the old charges against Moise Katumbi is reappearing out of the forgotten records of cold-cases in Kinshasa. As the G-7/Ensemble/Lamuka leader planned to return from exile. However, by doing that, he would again get into legal jeopardy. The opposition coalition is lucky enough to have Fayulu and Jean Pierre Bemba on its team inside the Republic. Both of them, can certainly anticipate to be touched the Ministry of Justice and the Police. Therefore, the planned changes, seems meaningless. As his doing the same and not really changing anything. Except for hiring close friends and relatives to fitting offices, but that is protocol at this day and age.

Fatshi haven’t delivered anything and he will not have the power to do so. He has to meet and greet Kabila, every time he needs something done. Even beg him for a possibility to pick his Prime Minister. That is even a diplomatic mission for the President, which powers are so little and benign. That Mr. Joseph must be grinning, every time he looks in the mirror. He doesn’t have the scrutiny or the hassle, but the perks. Kabila can enjoy his cup of tea/coffee in the shadows of a tree, while awaiting his President to come and talk for pleasantries. Doing his bidding, to get possibly a positive outcome. Because, the Parliament is his, the Representatives and Governors are his. CACH have nearly nothing and the CENI has blessed this.

Tshisekedi is a puppet, a giant puppet, a puppet with a title. Its not magnificent and not even brilliant. The President is currently a slave to his own fortune, that he was a part of a loot of an election in December 2018 and thought he could get away with it. Now, the same man making deals with are having a field day, because he outsmarted Fatshi and he never understood it. Still, the wants to act like the big-man.

However, the President isn’t a big-man, he tours like one and spends money like one. But at the end of the day. Its Kabila whose still in power and controls it all.

It was supposed to be a “opposition” victory and swift changes. Alas, nothing new under under the sun, just another name to the cupcake or the muffin. Just another colour on the banner and a new suit. Nothing new, nothing changed, except the billing address and possibly the theme. The President of today is about the same as the one of yesterday. Only difference right now is that Kabila didn’t do it with blessings, he did it because he could. On the other hand, Tshisekedi is asking for handouts and for help to rule, because he got nothing.

This is a boring game and will grow old. Quick. An his term is only starting. A 100 days of Nothing. Peace.

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