South Sudan: Is the R-ARCSS extension only to buy time?

Today, I have to ask this question, because there been so many fault-lines, so many bothering revelations along the way. Since the Khartoum Declaration last year to the R-ARCSS agreement that was supposed to be initiated and finalized by May 12th 2019. However, this is not happening, as the stakeholders, parties and all sorts of functions are keeping pushing it away. If not the TGoNU is currently also paying lobbyist in the United States not to put pressure on them finalizing one piece of it, the Hybrid Court. Alas, there is the mere question from me today. Was it all built on the wrong foundation, on a false pretext and a false hope?

By all means, I wish it isn’t so. Because the Republic of South Sudan. Needs peace, needs diplomatic efforts and need to be rebuilt. This will be painful, as the suffering and time of warlords are in the veins of the current leadership. Where everyone who disagrees starts their own armed rebellion and besiege any given territory, instead of building up a function and institutionalized state. Maybe, the stakeholders wasn’t interested in that, if they were, maybe they wouldn’t have invested so much in guns and training of personnel, right?

This is what it all seems, that the ones steering the ship has been buying time. Establishing networks for trade of resources, to again secure the ability for more prosperous warfare. Because, why the hassle of talk, when you can get rid of the person your supposed to talk too. I know it is sinister, raw and brutal, but for a Republic to have such vast amounts of people in Refugee camps in the neighbour countries, for Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites and Peacekeepers. Surely, they are amass in issues, which needs to be resolved. Not only knit-picking illegal gold smuggling for the heist of the stakeholders at this current day. But the whole system created by the warlords, the ones who used their armies and their rebels. Who are all now nearly together, accept a few chosen groups who isn’t there or saying it is dying already.

I don’t know, but if this seems like buying time. It seems more likely now. That the ones who are getting their spears, their shields and the cash-flow for more possible violence later. Who knows right? But why didn’t the TGoNU work harder with the stakeholders like SPLM/A-IO, SPLM-FD, SSOA or anyone else.

Let me say this again. I hope I am dead wrong, that they are really serious and want to finalize the implementation of the R-ARCSS. Since, it seems like this. The only good is that they are together in Addis Ababa declaring the resolution today, but does it has any value? Or is the asking for money for implementation the key aspect of it all?

Because, the state was together with all parties was supposed to be finished next week, but now has postponed it six more months. This is really a sign to come, unless there are some signals and proofs of implementation, that is showing pure intent. Not just paying Gainful Solutions or anyone to stifle the process. Having illegal deployment of foreign forces in parts of the Republic. Therefore, there is enough warning signs, which isn’t only the lack of will to implement it.

So, lets hope this is not to buy time… not to buy time, but to actually do this correctly. Peace.

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