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The Purge on the Opposition Continues: The FDC Edition!

Today is a very common day in the Republic of Uganda. Yet another day, where the opposition of the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) are using all law officers and use of the law to purge the opposition.

As this was an insignificant day, the Forum for Democratic Change and their Year of Action Campaign 2019 was hit again. Early in the morning the leadership who was sleeping at the Bethel Hotel was raided by the Police Force. The others who came into town was asked for documentation by the Police Force to enter and to hold meetings. The Police Force had already disowned and blocked their planned rally at Nyakasanga Grounds at 2 PM. As the Inspector General of Police J.M: Okoth-Ochola hadn’t cleared the event, this is the information given by the authorities in Kasese. There was already a few hundred people who had gathered at the stadium, the way the state got them away was with sending an Armoured Personal Carrier (APC), live-bullets and tear-gas to get them away, which they did to disperse them.

While, this is very common. The asking of documentation of entering a town from the central leadership of the opposition and raiding the hotel they were staying at. Shows their intent from the get-go. During the day, the Police also showed up with tear-gas and violence against the public. Since, the FDC was passing through the town.

Even as the authorities claim about the public rally, the FDC leadership of Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Dr. Kizza Besigye was able to enter town and also hold a leadership conference at the Rwenzori International Hotel. Where they held a successful meeting there. But we now know, that the FDC needs visa or permits to travel around. They need documentation to enter somewhere and show reasons for their trips around the Republic. This is what the Police expects of the FDC.

Kasese: The guns did not stop our supporters from expressing their inherent rights and freedoms even when the coercive instruments of state that should guarantee their enjoyment of these freedoms and rights were busy blocking them! We shall win by DEFIANCE!” (Forum for Democratic Change, 29.04.2019).

We are now seeing, this as yet another purge on the Opposition. They have to meet with live-bullets, military and police force, as they are trying to gather the public. Alas, the FDC is not allowed or cleared to do so. This is just the continuation of the oppression against them. Yet another violent day, as the FDC just tried to continue their internal-party work and also spread their message. Which again has been attacked by the authorities, because they are active and showing resilience. Even, when the state is giving no way and just trying to spread fear. Peace.

The Purge on the Opposition Continues: The Bobi Wine Edition!

Today is a very common day in the Republic of Uganda. Yet another day, where the opposition of the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) are using all law officers and use of the law to purge the opposition.

As this special day, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was supposed to be summoned for an interview for his charge of inciting violence and unlawful assembly on Easter Monday, as he that day was planning to hold an Press Conference on his property. Where he was blocked again from holding the Kyarenga Extra Concert there.

So, as Bobi Wine was summoned to CID Kibuli, however, as he was passing through Wakiso District and into Kampala through Kalerwe market. The public was really gathering around the politician. This really was infuriating the authorities. That is why they arrested him as his convoy was one the way to the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) to answer for his crime and give a statement. This would not happen. As he was taken away from Kalerwe by the Police Force.

They later took him to Nagalama Police Station, as they didn’t want to make fuzz about him. Later they moved him again to Buganda Road Magistrate Court, where they charged him for unlawful assembly and civil disobedience as he was in-charge of a protest against the social media tax and OTT Tax in July 2018. After this he was remanded to Luzira Maximum Prison. Where his now remanded until 2nd May 2019. This is just mere days after the same Police Force house-arrested him without any proper charges or warrants. They are continuing to stifle his political work and also his career in general. In the same fashion, Francis Zaake, and other associates of Bobi Wine have been arrested today. Therefore, his not alone in the fight for liberty and justice in the republic.

All of this was just because he was supposed to make a statement at the CID. As he was crossing the town, he ended up, re-arrested, taken to Court and put in prison. This within less of a half-day. That is the effectiveness of the Republic, when they are purging on the Opposition. Peace.

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South Sudan: The TGoNU hires a US Lobbying firm to block the establishment of the Hybrid Court!

Paulino Diing Madol Atak, the Deputy Chief Protocol of the Office of the President have signed an lobbyist agreement with Gainful Solutions INC for the Government of South Sudan through the Office of the President of South Sudan. This is now know, after the Gainful Solutions Inc registered itself as a Foreign Agent for the Republic. Where they lay ahead what is the agreement and planned efforts between the parties. This agreement was signed on the 2nd April 2019 and registered in the FARA register on the 18th April 2019.

Certainly, this is interesting, as the United States Lobbying Firm is run by Michael Ranneberger, whose previous been an ambassador to Mali, Kenya and Somalia. He was also a Special Representative to the Secretary of State, where he was part of the diplomatic mission who helped to craft the Sudan Peace Agreement of 2005. However, in Kenya he had a controversial stint as an Envoy, as had leaked communiques by WikiLeaks, that showed his unfavourable view of public officials. Also, that he at one point went to Rift Valley and asked the public to not show support for William Ruto. Therefore, this is a man who plays with high-stakes. So, he knows what he does, when he takes the money from Juba to lobbying. He knows this, because surely he seen how the South Sudanese elite is spending funds in Nairobi, where he resided for years as Envoy from 2006 to 2011.

So, the South Sudanese counterparts have put their money into crafty hands, to someone who really knows how to wave a storm. Ranneberger and company will surely feel the pressure, not only from Juba because of the questionable sources of funding, but from the Washington D.C. because of their associates.

Clearly, the mission they got combined show something sinister is going on. Especially these parts are worrying: “4. Delay and ultimately block establishment of the hybrid court envisaged in the R-ARCISS.

5. Mobilize American companies to invest in the oil, natural resources, and other sectors.

6. Persuade the Trump administration to open a military relationship with South Sudan in order to enhance the fight against terrorism and promote regional stability”.

By doing this and other tasks for the South Sudanese, the lobbying firm get a retainer of $1,2m and direct payment for services as of $3,7m. This surely will be done to hopeful fulfil the mission and ensure, that the US Government doesn’t put pressure on the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) to establish the Hybrid Court. This shows signs, that the current leadership doesn’t want to be able to answer for its crimes and answer for all the people hurt in the civil war. This is showing weakness, but also lack of responsibility.

UNMISS reported on the 27th January 2017: ““The victims will also feel relieved when their voices are heard,” said Romano, adding that the aspect of justice and accountability is key for reconciliation and realizing sustainable peace. The hybrid court, characterized by a blend of international and national judicial mechanisms, will have jurisdiction with respect to the crimes of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious crimes committed under national and international law” (UNMISS/Patricia Okoed – ‘ADVOCATE ROMANO: HYBRID COURT KEY FOR EFFECTIVE JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY’ 27.01.2017).

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect reported on the 31st October 2018: “Without any further delay, the government should work with the African Union to establish the long overdue Hybrid Court for South Sudan. War criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, regardless of their position or affiliation, should not be granted amnesty. South Sudan has experienced recurring armed conflict and atrocities for the majority of the country’s seven years of independence. Accountability and justice would show the people of South Sudan and the world that this peace agreement is a genuine break with the past” (Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect – ‘Statement on Peace Celebrations in South Sudan’ 31.10.2018).

This is just two pieces of plenty on the international community supporting a hybrid court for South Sudan, as accepted upon in the R-ARCSS in Chapter V. However, this deal between the parties and stakeholders in South Sudan doesn’t totally matter to the TGoNU. As they are willing to bend on this and stifle the introduction of it. That seems like an attempt to dig over the possible war-crimes and evidence of crimes against humanity. As there is no-one innocent in war. That is why the ones who was in-charge and had responsibility for the actions done. Doesn’t want their work and their past checked in a court, as they have fought for power and doesn’t want to loose that over trial in a newly functional court.

Than its better to pay foreigners millions of dollars to try to stop the International community from putting pressure on building and operating one. That is better and cheaper, as this will buy time to continue to reign without questions of the past. A civil war and horrific acts, which is a reason for why the Republic has so many fled and why so many is Internally Displaced People. Risking the R-ARCSS while keeping power seems more feasible, than actually risking exposing the acts done in war. This seems the idea of the leadership of Juba.

Certainly, the king who ordered to send the pawns for slaughter, doesn’t want the public to know why he sent them there. He just knows they are now gone and hope the towers, the queen and other high-ranking players doesn’t tell the stories. Which would be told in a Hybrid Court. That would really damage the key-players and the ones who has the reign in the TGoNU. This is why they don’t want it out. Peace.

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