State Minister Obiga says Bobi Wine “committed some crimes” but we know he offended the Don!

The Police is still at Hon Kyagulanyi’s home who will make a statement at the police tomorrow over a range of charges, and it is improper to make a statement” (…) “Police says Hon Kyagulanyi has committed some crimes, so he has been summoned to make a statement at the CID either today or tomorrow. Because the Police are preferring charges against him, i am unable to make a statement beyond this” – Internal Affairs, State Minister Obiga Mario Kania explaining the House Arrest today in Parliament on the 24th April 2019

There are sometimes things get stupid before they get better. At this moment, we again see how the orders high above makes everyone around seem dumb. Today, the State Minister of Internal Affairs Obiga Mario Kania shown utter ignorance and also showing how little rule of law means to him. As he cannot explain to fellow lawmakers, what supposed laws Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have broken and what warrants the house-arrest of the MP.

This we already knew yesterday, when the MP was house-arrested, that the Police Force nor the National Resistance Movement (NRM) can directly have evidence of a crime. That is why they still doesn’t have the Arua Stone or evidence on the treason charge put on him from August 2018. However, they are now making up a new case because of he Easter Monday 2019. They will try to make something up, as they we’re the one violently arresting him and tear-gassing the public. While the criminal, is the one who just tried to show-up on his own property. Which is by all means, very impressive even for the Uganda Police Force.

This shows more of the impunity, the lack of the rule of law and the misuse of power. At this very moment, Bobi Wine is the victim of this. His just the latest target of Police Force and the NRM. That is why they are again trying to find fault and make him a criminal. So, that the politician cannot do his work or his profession. That is why they are blocking his concerts and also his ordinary life. This is the cost of standing up against President Museveni and his rule.

President Museveni doesn’t care, as long as his enemies pays or gets intimidated by him. This is done with the Public Order Management Act, the Penal Code or any else breach they can pin on somebody. This time its Bobi Wine. Even if the State Minister Obiga cannot answer the reason for his house-arrest.

It could be anything, but most likely, he has offended the DON and killed his MOJO. He has hit the pride and the arrogant cow-herders buttocks. So, that he cannot stomach it and has to use the law-enforcement against him. Peace.

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