Sudanese Professional Association: The Situation Regarding the Dialogue with the Transitional Military Council (22.04.2019)

On yesterday, the 21st of April, the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC) announced that they are stopping all forms of communication with the Transitional Military Council (TMC). This happened after the TMC called for a meeting to question the intention of the DFC forces to announce the names of its candidates for the civilian sovereign council and the transitional cabinet. The TMC conveyed that it received over a hundred proposals on how to formulate the the interim government and it will study all of them to proceed forward. The TMC clearly expressed that it does not recognize the DFC forces as the representative of the protestors in the sitdown strike (sit-in) and that it considers other forces – forces that include allies of the deposed regime – as legitimate partners in the transitional period. We in the SPA categorically reject this manipulation of the dialogue process and consider it a wicked play from the political committee assigned by the TMC to run the dialogue. This committee is comprised of members who are figures from the previous regime, and its head (Omer Zain Elabdin) was the head of the National Congress Party (NCP) within the army. Zain Elabdin is trying his best to bring back the deposed regime from the window after Sudanese people rejected it in the widest popular referendum. The committee also includes Jalal Eldin Elshiekh the deputy director of the infamous National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) and Eltayeb Babiker, the force behind the infamous public order framework.

Another trick attempted by the TMC political committee is the false framing of the DFC forces as being not ready and fragmented. However, the DFC forces have discussed the three tiers of government and submitted a full proposal of transition to the security council and discussed the proposed names. Many of the political forces in the DFC coalition announced that it will not participate in the interim government and will be committed to nominating a list of professional qualified names for the cabinet.

The main issue of conflict with the TMC is the nature of the sovereign council. While the TMC insists on a fully military council, the DFC forces propose a civilian council with military representation to act as the sovereign head of state in the country.

This statement is to convey the current situation of the current political process in Sudan. The dialougue process is being manipulated by the political committee of the TMC in an attempt to circumvent this revolution and preventing it from achieving its full objectives, but we assure the Sudanese people and the world that as we were victorious in our battle, we shall be glorious in our times of peace.

The foreign relations committee

The Sudanese Professionals Association

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