Sudan: Sudenese Professional Association – Statement (14.04.2019)

Vision of Sudanese Professionals Association for peaceful transition towards sustainable democratic governance

The gathering of Sudanese Professionals Association confirms the continued picket, and the practice of all forms of peaceful pressure to achieve the goals of the revolution by downloading the insights and perceptions of the declaration of freedom and change, by immediately embarking on the handover of authority to a civil transitional government that is compatible with the forces of freedom The change is protected by the Sudanese armed forces.

In the name of our people, the expected civilian transitional government, preceded by the forces of our armed people, will begin to achieve the following quickly:

1. Arrest of Omar Al-Bashir and director of the system security system resigning Salah patterns and former Mohamed Atta and above Nafi Ali Nafi and Polar Mahdi, leaders of the National Congress party, ministers in central and state governments, plotters and implementers of coup 30 June 1989, and all those who are in the right of this people, by them are like all or some of the following charges:

– undermining the constitutional order and the effects of war on the state with the military coup on June 30, 1989 against an elected legitimate authority.
– killing opponents and citizens of assassination since the first martyr in 1989 pm and until the last martyr in 2019 M.
– commit war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity with the lowest darfur, nuba mountains, divisions and blue nile
The great betrayal of South Sudan
Care of corruption and personal and secret enrichment of corruption
Destroy the national economy, sell land and Sudanese resources.
Sabotage of Sudan external relations

2. The release of all detainees and all officers, officers and soldiers of the armed people’s forces who are involved in the revolution.

3. Reservation to the assets and property of the National Congress party, its banking accounts and the study of its role and its article so that the evidence will not be eliminated on its masters.

4. Booking of the assets and accounts of the leaders of the financial and real estate system immediately including members of their families.

5. Dismiss The Attorney General, the presidents of the prosecution, the chief of justice, his deputies and the presidents of the judicial organs immediately.

6. Solution of trade unions, professional federations and booking on their bank accounts, assets and property.

7. the immediate change of external representation, that diplomatic representation is professionally away from the codes of the system.

8. Ending War and building peace is a top priority in transition issues and it is necessary to share the forces of armed struggle in full transition arrangements in order to avoid repeating the experiences of the previous country and address the issues of marginalization radically, addressing the injustices of the past and violations through mechanisms Transitional Justice.

9. We emphasize all the statements contained in yesterday’s meeting led by the delegation of the forces of freedom and change in the general command of the armed people’s forces.

We would like to emphasize clearly that the Sudanese people did not raise and offer martyrs, wounded, detainees and victims of torture to replace a military rule with another military rule that represents an extension of the same system, its masters and its security, and that no waiver of immediate authority to a civil Transitional Council Compatible with the forces of freedom and change and protected by the Sudanese armed forces.

Waive flags
April 14, 2019


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