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Sudan: NISS Head Gosh Resigns from the Transitional Council!

The third major resignation in Khartoum since the sit-down demonstration begun. The President and his 24 temp have resigned within 48 hours yesterday. On the third day, the head of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Salah Gosh have resigned from the Transitional Council.

Clearly, the National Congress Party and the former allies of the 30 year long Presidency is feeling the pressure of the demonstrations. As they are not winding down or taking at ease. They are not accepting being hoodwinked by the former henchmen of the Dictator. They want an overhaul and total change.

That is evident, as the Transitional Council is looking more and more weak. Less powerful and just have to give ways to the citizens. Even as there are horrific reports of bullets, killings and harsh treatment of demonstrations outside of Khartoum. There been reports of killings in South Kordofan and other regions during the week. Therefore, there are more victims to the dictatorship, as it is crumbling and feeling the piling pressure of its population.

This one here will continue to play out. The demonstrations, the riots and the sit-down demos will continue, as long as they deem it fit. At this point the Sudanese Professional Association and all the rest of the organizers, have displayed courage, finesse and resilience in the midst of oppression. They have proven to stand by their civic duty and challenge an military dictatorship. Where the Rapid Support Force (RSF), NISS and the Army has used their weapons against them.

Still, they have been on the streets, demanding justice and freedom from oppression. It is truly inspiring and unique. Salute to all the fallen, to all the hurt and all the lives, whose been touched by the regime. As the regime have taken lives to stay in power, been violent and harassed since its inception in 1989. Surely, the public deserves proper representation and liberty to assemble their own leaders.

Alas, therefore, the demonstrations continues. It will as long as the Military Transitional Council prolongs it and the will of the public is undefeated. Peace.


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