Sudan: President Al-Bashir your time is up!

I will be brief, because this has been said plenty of times before, your time is up and the people is speaking in the streets. Even if you use all your security organization, use all parts of the state apparatus against them. If it is the Rapid Support Force (Janjaweed) or the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on the people.

You are continuing to kill, arrests and silence the public. While your holding meeting with the military leadership. Because, you know your not the voice of the people anymore. Your not relevant to them. You have overstayed in office and never left since you took power in 1989.

People are tired of militarism. They are tired of your tyranny and looting of the Republic. They are tired of the games, the measures used to get them to be in submission to your rule. Your acts as an overlord, an warlord and a man of the Kalashnikov is over.

President Omar Al-Bashir, your three decades in power is soon over. Your legacy is sealed as the bloodthirsty tyrant you are. You never had interest in serving the Republic or making Sudan proud. You and your cronies was busy eating. The National Congress Party was busy scheming and your are still busy doing that. Trying to figure a way out of stalling the demonstrations and riots. Stopping the people from chanting against you.

The crowds in-front of the Army Headquarters in Khartoum. The Internet-blockade and possible power outage, just shows how your trying to stop the information from leaking. But it still does, because activists are ready.

You have killed ever since the bloodless coup of 30th June 1989. You have had your time and world are watching. The killings, the deaths and the assaults on civil society is known. It is not hidden, as the hospitals are targeted, the activists are dying and the ones who dares to organize revolts against you. Are in the end suffering. Their sacrifice will be remembered, as they fought for justice and for a revolution. For freedom from you and your bloody rule.

It will end. The time is near. It is just like your trying to look the other way. The people are out there. They don’t fear you, they fear God. They are awaiting the fall of their dictator and tyrant.

We are waiting to see, when its the final hour of Omar Al-Bashir. Peace.

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