Brexit: In the middle of nowhere…

Pay attention to where you are going because without meaning you might get nowhere.” A.A. Milne

Prime Minister Theresa May whose career has gone towards this day, this important day of leaving the European Union. The deadline day for leaving, which was set for today. The final votes today in the House of Commons on her deal with the EU. Which she and her cabinet has used two years negotiating and the best things her people was able to pull through. That has been voted down for the third time today. Also, any other sort of amendment. So, on deadline day, the Tories, Labour, SNP, DUP or anyone else roaming in Parliament couldn’t agree upon anything.

As this is happening, the President of the European Commission Donald Tusk has issued an Crisis Meeting in Brussels with EU27 and the possible end of the Brexit with a “No-Deal” on the 12th of April 2019 instead of today the 29th March 2019. That is two weeks over time. The milk is spilt by being on the counter for that long. The same is happening to the Brexit too.

The longer this is prolonged with the Tories and PM May at the helm. It is only getting spoiled. The results are watered down. The engagements of the government and the diplomacy is failing. Whatever, PM May though would happen today. Didn’t happen, her Molotov Cocktail and sweet offering of resignation didn’t get the troops behind her. She couldn’t even muster the whole Tories to stand by her deal on this Brexit Day.

This is a wimpy and wobbling government, a cabinet and party, which is commonly known for losing in Parliament. Who is not having the majority or even getting enough rebels above from the other party lines to vote for their agenda or in this manner, the Withdrawal Agreement. That is the weakness of this government. PM May is like a boat, who doesn’t know where to find safe harbour of even a safe haven in the midst of storm. She is caught out at see, cannot see land or even see lights to save herself or her boat. That is who she is at this very moment.

That she was trying to do a kamikaze move of jumping on the sword, so that the other leaders in her party could take over and salvage whatever that was left. Certainly, the Tories must feel the fatigue and the lack of clarity. Three times voting for the same thing and it has resulted in the same thing. A resounding loss for the government. Now, it is clear, that the UK and EU are going into hardships. As the UK and Tories cannot decide how to move forward. They could never get into a way, which complies with EU laws and regulations, an the internal infighting within the Tories, their marginal but needed coalition member the DUP; And than being able to get majority for that plan.

Now, we can await the verdict of the EU. As the UK leaps into a possible NO-DEAL territory, which means hardships, lack of control and congestion. Also, lots of new regulations, more hampering movement and who knows what. Since they are an Third Country to the EU without measured statutes or agreements put in place. This will clearly be hurting the economy of the UK. The elites of the Tories will not mind, but the public of UK will feel it on their pocket and prices on goods.

Well, this is the grand, stable and steady leadership of Theresa May, the Tories had two years time to finish it and still couldn’t find ways to settle it. It never would be easy, because there is all alliances, all stakeholders and the also the outside forces of the EU, which the UK has to follow in some way or another.

Let see how this goes to 12th April 2019. Expect a devastating no-deal. Don’t expect a General Election or a new Referendum. Because, there is only the MPs of the Tories who are allowed to be asked about the “No Confidence” in the PM more than ones and the MPs themselves, who are allowed to vote for the same deal three times. However, public is only allowed to vote ones for the most costly and self-harming ballot in their life-time. Alas, there is a double-standard there, you can cherry-pick that one.

This is all made by the PM and her party, who could have fixed it. They could have negotiated and tried other avenues. But seemingly they didn’t, the David Davis, Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and so on. Has all played their part, but not delivered anything significant. Peace.

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