Sudan: 100 Days of Protests and Counting!

Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be”James Baldwin

Since 18th December 2018, the uprising and riots against the dictatorship of President Omar Al-Bashir, who has ruled the Republic since 30th June 1989. That shows how long he has lingered in power and continued to rule. As the President had anticipated to go into a new election and take another term.

The Sudanese have shown resilience, strength in midst of terror. Where that state has issued State of Emergency and all other measures to silence the demonstrations, the riots and uprising against their President and his party. The National Congress Party have used all methods to stop the demonstrations.

They have used live-bullets, killed and hurt the civilians showing up for demonstrations. The state have gone door-to-door, ambushed and attacked hospitals, issuing warnings to employees of sacking if they went to the streets. The state have issued warnings of keeping cash at home and not in the bank. There been so many steps issued by the state to silence and stop this.

Still, the days have gone, the amounts of demonstrations have risen, the sizes too. Even as the leaders, journalists and activists have been put behind bars. Several of people have been killed because of their bravery. They all defied the powerful state, who uses the Rapid Support Force (Janjaweed) and National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) against the protesting public.

Every single one of the fallen, their sacrificed will be remembered, as part of the people who stood up against a tyrant. Who had everything and who ate everything. While the public had nothing or little to go by. As the President used his tyranny and his draconian laws to stop the public from engaging or having a significant role in society. The state has done what it could to stop the civil society from existing.

Therefore, the strength and resilience of the public is really inspiring, that they are continuing. Going to the streets and addressing the state, continuing to make noise and stand-up for their rights.

They will continue to fight for their right. That is justified and no one deserves to be under a dictatorship. Al-Bashir doesn’t value other people lives, except for his own. That is why so many has died under his reign and protesters been taken out like they were nothing. This is who he is and the Sudanese are ready for change.

To see the Old Man fall! Peace.

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