Burundi: Pascal Barandagiye launches an Inter-Communal Competition for the “donations” to the 2020 Elections!

If your were thinking things are getting better in Burundi. Your terribly wrong. Now the CNDD-FDD prepares a Inter-Communal Competition for donations for the 2020 Elections. They are mocking the tax system and the public, by parading their illicit tactics to gain more funds for the fourth term elections of President Pierre Nkurunziza. That is just what they do, at this point.

They have already started using other means to get funds for the 2020 elections, as they are already collecting for other avenues as well, as students paying fees and if they don’t they loose their ability to study.

Now, there is another escalation that the Minister of Interior Pascal Barandagiye have launched his Inter-Communal Competition, so that the Commune in the Republic will compete in who is able to collect the most “gifts”, “grants” or “donations” to the General Elections 2020 Funds. Which is the key thing and been done, even civil servants has to give up donations of their pay-check to pay directly for the election. That is what the regime does to its citizens. They have an extra donation and taxes directly on the public for running an obligated election.

Now, the Commune will compete to see who can give the most and donate the most to the fund for the 2020 elections. Where the Minister Barandagiye will officiate the 1st Place in a Ceremony where the Commune who has collected the most will be celebrated by the President as the results are announced. That is how the regime is playing this.

That is happening as earlier this week, the President himself donated some cash to cause on the fifth of March 2019. That is just what he does, to look humble, when he is really taxing the public as most as possible and sanctioning them. If they are not paying enough for the up-coming elections.

That is what they are doing it like this. To make a spectacle and show about it. To show the patriotism of the commune and the willingness to “give” to the elections. Just like the President want the public for them to do.

This is utter madness. Peace.

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