Opinion: Tshisekedi is officially Kabila’s puppet!

As the announced results in the recent election in Democratic Republic of Congo was coming in. There was clear speculation of secret meetings between CACH and FCC. That was happening as the announced successor came from the “opposition” and not the “heir”.

Yesterday, the reality of those came into motion, as the Kabila Party are going in Coalition Government with newly minted President Felix Tshisekedi. The Joint CACH-FCC announcement, which shows the reality and its ugly face.

You cannot make this up… this is not speculations, not political satire or drama. However, the smartly configured scenario, where the head of state is still controlled by the former one. Tshisekedi is in the mercy of Kabila. No matter where he moves and adjust. He needs the blessing of Kabila. That is the mere reality of the scheme. To say otherwise at this point is to be naïve and blind to the reality.

Because CACH, Vital Kamerhe and Felix Tshisekedi is both now on a journey, where the captain is Kabila. Whether they like it or not. Because the Parliament and elsewhere, Kabila’s men is lingering. They are there to either stifle or shift the ways, because CACH doesn’t have the capacity nor representation to fight with the FCC. That is why the whole play for the façade is now broken. By yesterday’s announcement.

If you ever thought Kabila left, you were wrong son. Terribly wrong. He is just right there. In the midst of power, playing the guards and the public, being a shadow actor. Kabila now uses that position and ways in a clever way, that he still gets the benefits without the hazel of being in office.

The ones that thought this was a transition and a peaceful one that, you were wrong. It was a trade-off, made in January before the announcement of the results. To certify the President and ensure the power of Kabila would still be there. That is why his been so relaxed and jolly. That is why he hasn’t made a fuzz or made any spectacle. Because, he don’t have too.

We can play along, but by every day and every announcement like this. It is clear that Tshisekedi is Kabila’s puppet. A man who has the office, but has to sufficiently serve his master. Peace.

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