Uganda-Rwanda Tensions: It Escalated this Weekend

This weekend sparked with closure or blocked border points on the Rwandan side, ensuring that the trucks with goods from Uganda was blocked from entering Rwandan territory. This has been happening since 1st March 2019. They have deliberately made it harder for business and export to happen from one to the other. Because of this.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority has claimed it is for building a One Stop Border Point and wanting the Ugandan Nationals and Businessmen to move their vehicles to other borders points, instead of Gatuna Border Points. This is happening, while state officials on both is escalating the crisis between them.

The Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs and Government Spokesman Dr. Richard Sezibera been saying: “We have advised Rwandans not to go to Uganda because we cannot guarantee their security in Uganda” (James Munyaneza & Collins Mwai – ‘Rwanda warns citizens against travel to Uganda’ 02.03.2019, The New Times – Rwanda).

While Executive Director of Uganda Media Centre Ofwono Opondo stated this yesterday: “All vehicles coming from Rwanda enter well into Uganda but it’s the opposite on the Rwandan side. Rwandese aren’t being allowed to travel and enter Uganda but Ugandan nationals are. What is being stopped are only vehicles because of the blockage” (Uganda Media Centre, 01.03.2019).

Therefore, the Ugandan is indirectly saying that Rwandan are being blocked. While the Rwandan is already warning about them travelling and entering into Uganda. To top it off. Because right now, Rwanda is blocking and denying trucks and goods from Uganda. While Uganda is blocking Rwandan nationals, therefore, the the border squat has escalated with this.

It cannot just be fixing the infrastructure at the Gatuna Border Point. Now, it is something more underneath. As there are alleged arrests, detaining and torture of Rwandan nationals in Uganda. While Rwandan rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo are supported by Museveni, who fights against the Kigali regime of Kagame. That is why there are a lot of speculations and also stirring waters. It is rising into a storm in a water glass.

What we have is to Presidents who are involved in shady business and exports from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Of vast minerals and usage of rebel outfits to be able to do so. As they are earning fortunes on the misfortunes of the Congolese people there. They are sponsoring, training and also weaponizing the conflict there. This is done from Kigali and Kampala and been going on for over two decades. The gentlemen in power knows this, and they are trying to have spies on each to configure who can come on top. However, its now and then it backfires. The intimidation and the plans get disconnected, as the DRC and the other party are able to capture the rebels. Just like what happen with the RNC and FDLR agents visiting Uganda before Christmas 2018 and extradited to Kigali recently.

Therefore, this isn’t about the border point or the Rwandan nationals crossing into Uganda. This isn’t about a blockage of goods and trucks from Uganda. No, this is about political games and also power. This is about two men, two Presidents who wants it all and grab it. Want to outsmart and also lurk in the shadows without getting caught. It is two President that are trying to salvage something, but only loosing out. As both parties are losing valuable time and assets, while playing hide- and seek like this.

President Museveni and President Kagame needs to talk and settle their grievances, before it gets out of hand. These are weapon-brothers who has built their careers together and also went into ventures together elsewhere. Therefore, these two should be able to talk. Instead of letting their citizens and their population suffer, because they have fallen out. That is how it is seems and that is not showing leadership, but greed and lack of diplomatic efforts to settle; whatever these two needs to settle. Peace.

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