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Sudan: Al-Bashir’s Final Hammer Dance!

I’m in the club, bottle in hand doing my two step

While I got my gun in my pants, call it the hammer dance

Bitches dancing on a nigga, when they feel the gun

I tell ’em we’re doing the hammer dance

Two steppin’ with my weapon on me” – Royce Da 5’9” (Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance, 13.03.2012).

For the ones thinking that President Omar Al-Bashir would go softly, would be a smooth jazz-singer and dance of stage. That would never happen, surely, he never was much of dancer anyway. He was and is a War-Lord, he makes the hammers dance. There are already reports that after he announced the State of Emergency, there been more fatalities and more vengeance from the Security Organizations, as the President has sworn-in a cabinet in army fatigue, because that shows his “temporary” measures.

However, today, as it isn’t enough that the army, the Janjaweed (Rapid Support Forces) and NISS is attacking civilians at Universities, in their homes and on the streets. The President are putting up the ante with the new decrees today. Showing no remorse and no slowing down. Only showing his ability to stick around and trying to bleed out the discontent against him.

First part on “uniformed units are now authorized to:

– enter any building & search any persons

– monitor any property or buildings

– confiscate money or properties or goods suspected of violating law till investigations are done

– restrict movements of people or their activities” (Wasil Ali on Twitter, 25.02.2019)

This is clearly a measure done to quell all planned demonstrations and riots, this is to ensure that public are living in fear and also can lose all their freedoms, all liberties, as even their homes and they are not allowed to trespass, if the government says its illegal to go out. They are under curfew like children, who cannot move without permission from the President and the National Congress Party.

Further Measures:

“-Restrict movement of anything including transportation means.

– Arrest anyone suspected of violating emergency rule.

– Any other powers conferred by the president.

– Attorney General empowered to lift immunity on certain people suspected of violating emergency

– Attorney General is to establish emergency courts

– Gatherings and demonstrations not given permits are banned

– Blocking roads or movement of people is banned

– Undermining the prestige of state or any of its officials or its agencies or its employees is banned

– Strikes or suspending work is banned

– Attacking public or private properties or people or endangering public safety is banned

– Public events or activities without permits are banned

– Any news that are produced or disseminated that harm state or people or call for undermining state or incite hatred or racism through any medium visual or audio or social media is banned” (Wasil Ali on Twitter, 25.02.2019). 

If this isn’t saying enough. The 30 year long rule under Al-Bashir is clearly on thin-ice. As he comes with these measures after 69 days of demonstrations across the Republic. Now, its illegal to demonstrate, strike and even block roads. The voices of the streets, the actions made by the various associations and unions in the Republic is now forbidden. The Commander in Chief and President have suspended the will of the people, their voices and made it illegal to riot against him. In a final nail in the coffin, not to secure the betterment of Sudan, but to try to salve his on fate.

Omar Al-Bashir is so weak, a giant WAR-LORD, a TYRANT, who cannot rule by popular opinion, but by decree, by taking away all liberties, freedoms and the free speech. What is worse, this isn’t the only measures done, but enough to prove what sort of a failure of a leader, Al-Bashir is. Since, nothing can done without permits and surely, the President and his Attorney General will not give that freely away. If so, he wouldn’t have created the National Emergency and taken the steps to form these draconian laws, which interprets the reality into a full fledged military dictatorship, where the President can micro-manage everyone and even arrest them at any point.

Not that this is so much more different than before, but now it is by decree. Not only by actions of impunity and inactive laws. Now, its official that gatherings, blocking of the roads, strikes, demonstrations, writing in social media and restrictions of movement. Is all steps to stop the continuation of demonstrations. Stop the momentum and the opportunity for the activists and revolutionaries to gain strength. This is done, to little by little take a lid on the fire. Stop it from getting oxygen and kill it off. Instead of letting the fire burn, letting the air brush the flame and give it more strength. Now, the lid is put over and the President hopes the trick works. As he has taken all power in his hands.

However, the public, the organizers and the activists who has fought, taken to the streets, the citizens and everyone who has participated in the last 69 days. Has shown bravery, courage and even risked their lives in the streets of Sudan. They have shown the world the power of the feet, the power of collective actions against an oppressive state. Which now is taking it further. Using the State of Emergency as a tool to try to destroy the movement and the will of the people. To stand up against the President of 30 years.

He is showing no mercy, he is showing no grace, only merciless and sinister acts of deliberate decapitating the voice of the people, their liberties and their freedoms. Nothing is there for them, they are just the servants, the slaves of the President and they are there to follow his command. Like he anticipate them to do. Not because they love him or support him, but because he wants them to fear him and his laws. That is who Al-Bashir is and always been. The War-Lord ruling by the sword and will only die by the sword. There is no diplomatic backbone in his body or threshold to pass into freedom for the public.

No, only more blood to spill, only more violence and harassment, only more sinister acts of a deluded Head of State, who doesn’t know what time it is. He thinks its the time for his Hammer Dance, instead of the time to “gracefully” retire. Peace.


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