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Cameroon: Hon. Kombi must be afraid of Buea(!!)

This edition of the race gives us the opportunity to further prove our desire of living together because in spite of linguistic and political diversity, the Cameroonian people are and must remain one and indivisible,” Cameroon’s Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi told reporters at the start of the competition.“ (Cameroon Concord News – ‘The scantily attended Mountain Race of Fear’ 24.02.2019).

Professor Kombi is really a rare breed as he attended a award ceremony at Molyko Omnisport Stadium in Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon. As the runners finished a yearly peace march for hope in the civil-war torn region.

That Kombi was frighten and afraid of the area is evident. As he entered with a Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) or something similar. Kombi came as he needed an brigade and army to secure the stadium. That is how the regime is entering the region. Where they have sent mercenaries and soldiers, burning villages, killing civilians and also making towns into ghost towns. That is what the government does at the moment, while keeping the leadership of the Anglophone is behind bars or in exile. Therefore, the Minister of the Francophone had to arrive with the army. Because, if not, he would not feel safe.

This show how the regime is not coming in peace, but in war. As there ministers are coming with bullet-proof vests, armoured vehicles like all Anglophone citizens are terrorist, while the orders and decrees of violence comes from the Francophone regime. They are the ones that should silence the guns and stop the violence. Instead, they continue to harass and destroy this region, as they are called militants and terrorist, even if the state is the biggest supplier of terror.

Kombi should have come like a proud man, a man of honour, but instead he came like a scared and little man. Minister Kombi didn’t come with confidence or hope, but with nervousness and the freaking army.

Even if they we’re supposed to carry the peace tree and plant it. It cannot grow well, when you needs soldiers around you to get it to grow. It would have grown better, if the civilians actually could take care of it. Instead of being afraid in the bush and running away from burning villages. Peace.

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