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Opinion: Whatever Al-Bashir promises Sudan today, he will not keep it!

Well, I don’t have any of my hopes up, when concerning the Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. Who has ruled the Republic of Sudan since 30th June 1989. The National Congress Party (NCP) was already preparing the elections for 2020 with him as the President as it has been done again and again. He planned it again, until the stark uprising started in December and has persisted ever since.

With today’s demonstrations in Sudan, there been demos since 18th December 2018 and with my calculations, that is 66 days with demonstrations. Which is long time of demos, showing the weakness and lack of support the President has.

Today on the 22nd February 2019 a good year before the next elections, the President is anticipated to promise that he steps down as the President of the NCP and not run as the President. Also gone total bananas, by announcing a state of emergency, which means that he will have total power; while also dissolving the Parliament. That gives him absolute power and can do whatever he likes. Without consent, as people are supposed to trust him on his promise to step down.

However, the reason why I don’t trust him on that, is that this man has done similar moves before. In 2013, he promised in march 2013, that he wouldn’t run again in 2015. However, as we all know he didn’t step down. If he had followed the words of 19th March 2013, which was published in the Qatar’s Al Shraq Newspaper. Nevertheless, these words and pledges wasn’t kept.

So, that President Al-Bashir promises again to step down is a false flag, a false hope, this is stalling for time. It is nothing else. Those who believed him in the past. Can surely be tricked again, but he cannot hoodwink them again. That ship has sailed.

Whatever the President is saying in his address will not taking stock of locally, as the Sudan Professional Association are planning more demonstrations in the coming week too. Therefore, the address of the President today. Will either show that he takes more power by force, suspending the Parliament, create a state of emergency. An act done to secure power indefinitely.

Al-Bashir took power by force, keeps it by force. He uses the security forces to quell the demonstrations, by all means, tear-gassing, detaining and killing. Therefore, whatever he says or proclaims today will be only one thing.

STALLING TACTICS 101. Don’t believe a man like this steps down before he has to step down. He wouldn’t have ruled for 30 years without a successor. Only with empty promises of that someday, there will be Sudan without Al-Bashir as their Head of State. However, that day has never come. Because, the man doesn’t have it in him to stop. His greed is to overstay and indefinitely. Peace.


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