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Hon. Zaake Re-Arrested(!!)

Security Forces have arrested Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi. Mr Zaake was reportedly arrested around Queensway, and is currently being held at Kampala Central Police Station” (NTV Uganda, 21.02.2019).

Who knows why Police Detectives suddenly ambushed Zaake on the Queensway, in the middle of a traffic jam at around 11:00 AM. This was done without any forewarning. Clearly, the Police have loaded something.

Who knows, why the Police arrested the MP in the middle of a traffic jam, late evening on a Thursday. Might be he hurt a fly or even thought an ill thought. Maybe, Zaake even shown integrity and ability to true opposition to the regime. That is why they have to take him in. To intimidate him. As its been so long since last time he was in the spot-light by the authorities.

Zaake is now surely a target, which he has been since the Arua By-Election last year. Now, again his taken into custody. Because he breathes and is an opposition figure. Zaake will be in legal jeopardy, not because his done something illegal, but because of his stature on the outside of the NRM.

That is why he got arrested like a chicken thief, a pickpocket and a random crook. He was not taken or even summoned like the honourable MP should be. Because, this makes it look like a old hit-job.

We can surely expect that his arrested for “Inciting Violence”, “Unlawful Society” or whatever else the Police Officers can write on the bond to make sense inside their tribe. Because, on the outside of the Force, the Bond Notes makes them look foolish. Therefore, if he broke the Public Order Management Act for being in a traffic jam. That would be amazing and a feat. Also, if he broke the penal code driving home, would also be a first.

That is why, let see if the Police will make sense or make a fool of themselves. The Kifeesi, the Partisan Police Force, which is active again.

Zaake the latest casualty of this nonsense. Peace.

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