UNHCR South Sudan Operational Update (18.02.2019)

UNHCR provides business management support to over 100 refugee women in Upper Nile.

GENEVA, Switzerland, February 18, 2019 –  UNHCR and partners roll out ‘back to school’ campaign in Unity: A back to school campaign took place in Ajuong Thok and Pamir refugee camps in coordination with the Ministry of Education, CRA, and partner Lutheran World Foundation (LWF), and UNHCR and refugee community. The campaign reinforced the use of proof of registration to facilitate enrolment process and correct age per respective grade as well as the role of parents and care givers in ensuring children of school going age are enrolled and stay in school.

UNHCR and partners coach refugees on sustainable business management in Upper Nile:  UNHCR and partners ACTED and Relief International (RI) provided business coaching on sustainable business management to 131 refugee entrepreneurs (90 women, 41 men) in Doro, Yusuf Batil, Kaya, and Gendrassa refugee camps. The entrepreneurs, who were previously trained on business idea generation, business plan development, and business establishment achieved total sales of 9,265,015 South Sudanese Pounds, and a total profit of 2,939,500 South Sudanese Pounds.

UNHCR distributes non-food items to inmates in Jonglei: On 24 January, UNHCR team distributed protection based non-food items (NFIs) to 215 inmates (215 men, 10 women) at Bor Central Prison and Model Police Station. The items distributed include mosquito nets, washing soap, and sanitary kits (washing soap, bucket, underwear, and sanitary cloth). The intervention was aimed at improving the living conditions of inmates who lacked basic items following a joint visit by humanitarian actors to Bor state prison.

UNHCR and partners launch ‘one stop-shops’ for access to service in Malakal: On 22 January 2019, UNHCR and partners Humanitarian Development Consortium (HDC) and Danish Refugee Council (DRC) launched a ‘one-stop shops’ in Malakal POC and Malakal Town. The objective of this innovative project is to make referrals more efficient as beneficiaries can access the following services in one location: general protection, legal aid/Housing Land Property, child protection, as well as Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) for general complaints.

UNHCR provides business management support to over 100 refugee women in Upper Nile: In Gendrassa and Kaya refugee camps, UNHCR and partner ACTED provided business management support to 110 refugee women involved in economic enterprises including tailoring, catering, bakery and handicraft. The female entrepreneurs continue to receive training on financial literacy and were able to earn a total cash income of 131,975 South Sudanese Pounds.

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