Brexit: PM May even sinks a Motion!

If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?” Jerry Seinfeld

It is now just mere days before the United Kingdom (UK) are withdrawing from their membership from the European Union (EU). As it has soon gone two years since the process started with Prime Minister Theresa May notifying the intention to leave and use of Article 50. The Tories has worked their magic and their shambolic affair, which now is tragic comedy called Brexit.

Today, it hit another stage, as the Tories and the PM made a Withdrawal Agreement, which the Parliament voted down on the 15th January 2019. Which means that the time spent between Brussels and the HM Government wasn’t fruitful or meaningful enough. As the agreement made between EU and UK are now in limbo, as the Members of Parliament see it as botched deal. That only gives way, but not the freedoms the UK is supposed to get after leaving.

However as the UK is getting closer to the due date, the deadline, which is on the 29 March 2019. It is mere 43 days ahead and nothing seems feasible. PM May had scheduled a motion to see if she had support in Parliament, as she is trying to gain support for further negotiations with the EU. Even as the EU has said, they are not in it to renegotiate.

Here’s the PM May’s Brexit Motion:

That this House welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement of 12 February 2019; reiterates its support for the approach to leaving the EU expressed by this House on 29 January 2019 and notes that discussions between the UK and the EU on the Northern Ireland backstop are ongoing” (Theresa May – Motion on UK’s withdrawal from the EU, 14.02.2019).

Today, this Motion was defeated with the total votes of “Noes” of 303. The “Ayes” was 258 votes. Therefore, the PM lost even this supporting motion in the House of Commons. The PM couldn’t even muster some moral support in the six final weeks before the official withdrawal of the EU.

The UK is clearly in a limbo, where nothing is moving or happening. The EU are seeing a ship sinking and letting it sink, by its own actions. The UK will have to be a Third Country, which will trade with WTO rules and also restricted movement of people. That is happening, as well, as the industries and businesses are hit by this.

PM May promised strong and stable leadership during the elections. However, as we have seen the recent months and year. That the PM and Tories are really weak and not coherent. They are more involved in the struggle to keep power, than actually governing. They are more focused on their own ambition, than actually delivering the needed services to the citizens. That is why they are risking the future, just for the hell of it.

They are trying to sell “No-Deal” like it is hot-cake now, because the Withdrawal Agreement was a fad and mockery of a deal. As well, as the whole negotiations with Brussels, clearly gave all way to the EU and their regulations. That is why it was bound fail from its inception. However, May and the Tories thought they could spin it all.

That did not work. Neither did a symbolic vote. Not that any of the amendments was accepted either. But they are casualties in the scheme of things.

Who is not a casualty is the Prime Minister, who has had the upper-hand and the opportunity to do something meaningful. Instead, she has made a mess and doesn’t want to clean it up. Instead, hoping no-one understand the destruction or the possible mess she has made. Because, when they do, it might be to late. Peace.

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