Opinion: Mnangagwa’s France24 Interview is spin out of control!

“Regime change is the better word it is a regime change agenda, which is not new …which has been a phenomenon visiting Zimbabwe throughout the last 18 years”Emmerson Mnangagwa, (10.02.2019)

President Emmerson Mnangagwa at France24 TV Interview on the 10th February 2019 is now showing the true capacity, the ability and the spin, that the President is busy doing. That Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is busy trying to change the narrative is natural. That the President want to spin and control the news is also natural. Still, that doesn’t make his stories true.

That the President, who knows perfectly well, what the army and police has done. A President that did the crackdown on the civil societies, the opposition and civilians as a result of the shutdown. The brutality and atrocities, where the amounts of dead, amounts of people shot, detained and even harassed, the rapes and whatnots has shown the sinister side of the ZANU-PF reign. However, he wants to act like it is cool and dandy, that the men and woman, who fears the authorities, are supposed to post-up at the Police Station and deliver evidence of the brutality and if they don’t. then it doesn’t count. That is initially, what the President said in his interview.

“This is where the army is directly and purposely killing people we would want to see evidence we see all this in social media. But we would want to see evidence where the 17 people were killed. Where were they buried” – Mnangagwa, 10.02.2019

It is like he is saying, the dead isn’t deceased, since it isn’t recorded. The dead, the ones who is buried, he doesn’t have faith in it. Just like he claims the rapes are staged woman who play for the NGOs and the Foreign Media, Social Media to be paraded. That is the Executive, that is the Head of State, that is the man, people are supposed to look up to is saying. The man that is supposed to shelter and secure the rights of these people. Instead the digs their grave, spit on their weak bodies and says he needs proof. That is the sort of President Mnangagwa is.

It is just sickening, how somebody can try to spin these tragedies and these actions against civilians. Certainly, he would not recall or recollect those acts. As he was busy flying in Eastern Europe, before returning home before his scheduled Davos trip. However, it still appeared, the stories and videos have been leaked. The show of aggression in midst of a media blackout, have shown the sinister acts of ZANU-PF. Even if the President tries to overshadow and look smart.

Instead, he looks like a man, who tries to play smart to Foreign Media, but falls flat. As he serves propaganda, dances on the dead bodies and the ones hurt by the crackdown and grins, as if it was nothing to begin with. That is how it look. That is what it seems and it’s beautiful.

No, it’s ugly and despicable. Mnangagwa are maybe able to fool the naïve, the ones who is not bright and the ones who eat the whole Kool-Aid. The ones who is not lost in the PFee will see past this, as we remembered the reports, the videos and the leaked stories. They are not fairy tales, but sad stories of today’s bleak reality. Peace.

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