Opinion: Prophet Bushiri’s tricks is soon over…

But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves” (2. Peter 2:1, New International Version).

Yesterday, was a day where one who has been unbelievable, one that had visions so marvellous and done stunts in way; that many of us couldn’t imagine. This happens to be the Prophet Shepard Bushiri of Malawi, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), who is based in South Africa, but has branches in Zimbabwe, South Korea and Malawi. The man that claims that he has brought over 2 million people to Christ.

However, there are other stories that shows what sort of man this is. As he has bought three private planes. Bought a Masarati for his daughters birthday. That is just minor things, but what hit him yesterday. Isn’t his wealth and his followers donating cash into the Money Pit of the Prophet.

No, yesterday was the day, where the South African HAWKS arrested him and his wife on charges of Money Laundering. In November 2018, there was already speculations of a Half Billion Rand Scandal with the Prophet in the midsts of it. In the reporting from November, there was reports that the Prophet tried to bribe the State Officers to quash the criminal cases on him. That has no happen, as we have hit February 2019 and the HAWKS got enough on him to charge him.

Surely, the Prophet should have prayed so that God could have again appeared in his dream. To warn him about the HAWKS and the direct actions. So, that he could disappear in time and also not be in legal trouble, as he is lingering in jail until Monday, when he will appear in Court answering on the charges.

Maybe, the Prophet should have tried to do the trick of walking into thin-air and sway away from the officers. Apparently, he has had enough money to go through his businesses and churches. So, that the state could prosecute this and charge him. There already proof of illegal activity, as he was sentenced by his Shepard Bushiri Investment (PTY) Limited, where the corporation did an exchange, which the company wasn’t licensed to do. That was done about December 2016 until December 2017. At that time, because of this, the company of the Prophet got a fine of R 50,000 on the 13th August 2018.

This is from the same prophet that is known for taking R 5,000 for personal meetings. So, surely the Prophet just needed ten naive followers to pay-up to be prayed for, before being able to pay the courts back then.

Now, certainly the Prophet is in bigger trouble. The HAWKS can surely figure this out and have the tangible evidence of the money laundering and the illegal activity from the Prophet. The way he has made money is selling “anointing oil” for a small fortune. That he has displayed with cars and private planes, as previously mentioned.

Therefore, many was wondering how he could grow his wealth, as his mission and international tours has persisted. Bushiri are now in the spotlight and has been flagged by the HAWKS.

He could fake a lot things, but he cannot fake the transactions, the illegal money laundering or anything else the state has charged him with. He is not untouchable and now been touched by law enforcement.

He can pray in the cell for redemption, for salvation or for legal help. Whatever is coming for him, is a storm that he cannot control. This over R 16m dating back to 2015. However, there might be more, if they peel the onion. Because as I found out, there been other court cases and even unlicensed exchanges, that the Prophet was not allowed to do.

So, certainly, he will catch a break from making sermons and walking into the thin-air. Maybe, he will sell less anointing oil this year. Peace.

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