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DRC: The Fayulu Rally shows his real popularity!

As President Felix Tshisekedi Tshilomba are having his first days in Office. He has already made his first decision. But as that happen, the Opposition Coalition of LAMUKA called to have a Rally at Saint Therese, Ndjili in Kinshasa. This has been notified to the public for a long while, by both Martin Fayulu and Mouvement de libération du Congo (MLC) who told the public about it.

Today, we saw the power of Fayulu and the Lamuka. The coalition of MLC, G7 and Ensemble. All of them combined. With the support of Jean-Pierre Bemba and Moise Katumbi. That strength is proven today. That the public is behind Fayulu.

The proof today is that again, we are seeing what a rigged election does. That around 20,000 people gathered around the rally and showed their support for their man. The one who by CENCO got the most votes. Still, he didn’t become the victor, but became a loser as a decision made by the authorities and not by the people. The people who are behind Fayulu and the Lamuka.

The clips from the rally is so powerful. All the pictures of the crowds and the proof of the validated support of him. It was all peaceful and no fuzz about it. No one arrested, no one detained and no one shot. There was no tear-gas or any problems with it. Even if the police was gathering intelligence for over 3000 who planned to deceitful activities there. However, none of that happen.

What we saw today, is yet another sign of somewhere, where the people are being rigged out. Where the public have been used and where the authorities are not their team-mate, but the player who is oppressing them. They might let them out for these occasions, but they will not give them the power or the representation they ask for. Because, if the authorities did so, then the state would not act like it does.

Fayulu deserves better, Lamuka deserves better, but who deserves it even more, is the Congolese people. Who had deserved the proper representation and not just someone handpicked as successor of Kabila. They should have had their say, the 30th December 2018 should have secured this, instead it was taken away in a rouse. Peace.


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