Opinion: Can’t Magufuli already create his One-Party State, instead of this charade?

Now it is official, the Political Parties Amendment of 2018 have come into law, giving the ruling party and ruling regime of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) to take total control of all internal activities of the opposition. There are no misgivings in the United Republic of Tanzania, where opposition cannot hold press conferences or- hold civic meetings.

Therefore, the new legislation takes it further, as they are not allowed to be “Pressure Groups” or “Activist Groups”, this clearing the bar and securing the regime of non-opposing voices in the public sphere. As the opposition are already silenced by the current legislation as is.

With this new legislation, the state has to ensure what the Opposition Party teach and if they are allowed to do so. They have to ask permission and rights to do civic education and get it verified by the state registrar to do so. This means, the inner-acts of a party, will be monitored and followed by the state. The parties themselves cannot gather or acts as a single unit, without permission.

So, even holding an Internal Meeting has to be notified the government within 30 days before its hold and the State Registrar decides if they are allowed to do so. That shows how little democratic or even free the state is. When opposition parties have to beg the state to meet, they are already limited as is. But with this legislation, the CCM and President Joseph Magufuli gone ONE-PARTY STATE. Without actually saying it.

Will the CCM notify themselves about their activity and stop holding press conferences, stop notifying the public and holding meetings, rallies even? Didn’t think so, but the others parties of the United Republic can look forward to harsher treatment, and less of space. As their window of opportunities are dwindling and fast.

This because one man and one party cannot stomach criticism or even being questioned. If you do, expect jail time and fines. That is what Magufuli and CCM does.

This is limiting freedom, the opportunity to assemble and free speech. Not that any of that matters to the Untied Republic, as long as it has it saviour, crown-prince and the noblest of men in power, President Magufuli. Because nothing he does is wrong and nothing his party does is either. Just misunderstood.

Shiish. This is nonsense. This is oppressive, state legislation in yet another attempt to demote and kick the opposition to the curb. That is how afraid and how weak minded the CCM is. Because, they cannot see, the evil in this activity, but that is because this is not inflicted on them, but on the counterparty. Peace.

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