Opinion: ED clearly needs a brigade to give him some advice!

President Emmerson Mnangagwa in midst of a burning republic. Where the soldiers and the police officers on the ground are violating peoples rights, where the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is using all tools at their disposal to silence critics, union leaders and arch opposition leaders in the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A).

Clearly, he needs help and guidance, because the strikes, the rising inflation, the lack of currency and off fuel is persisting. While the systemic defects are not fixed, while the ordinary citizen is suffering in poverty and in fear. Because, the Police have arrested people for alleged looting for just being sweaty in the streets. Therefore, the state is already overboard, as the rapes, the mischief of arbitrary arrests and putting opposition leaders and MPs behind bars.

As this follows, there is now a leak of 24-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) with all sort of elite and cronies. Former MPs and Former Ministers of the ZANU-PF put there to shine a light on the President and give him advice in the hour of need.

With the Cabinet that the President already has, which Ministers and Deputy Ministers, also regional ministers and the ones in the Office of Vice-President. By my count of the official amount of Minister to give the President advice and well-known information on a sector in government, with the appointed people in September 2018 it was by my estimate about 46 people there. Which are ministers and public officials, who could help a brother in need. This are people who the President already trust and acknowledge to give them a portfolio in government. Therefore, the manpower and finesse, he should already have.

So, today’s leak of Council of 24 more surplus heads to gather intelligence and wisdom for the President. Seems more like luxurious expense and securing people tenure, another fixed income and base for livelihood, than initial need by the President. He already has a full cabinet of about 20 Ministers, than a bunch of Deputy Ministers and also two in the Office of VP. Therefore, he has no direct need for this.

The names and people on the list isn’t important now, they are cronies and pro-ED as is. They are being paid-off and secured by the state. Because, they wouldn’t get this appointed position without perks, benefits and state salary. It would be foolish to think these people would do this on Charity and actually show-up to guide the President without getting something out of it.

We know also, the document is marked confidential, except for the list of people, this sentence alone is striking: “They should be non-partisan and will serve at the pleasure of the President”. I see that as an impossible feat. I don’t know how they will possible be non-partisan and also serve the man. That is like: “We will be independent, but we cannot bite the hand that feed us”. It is sort of the same arrangement. That is configured idea, that is not working. Not here or anywhere on this planet of ours.

This is the double cabinet, the special hand-picked advisers of the President and his cronies. There is nothing else to it.

Just another bill, another pay-off and securing more YES-MEN for the President. Peace.

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