Opinion: No mere mortals is apparently good enough to succeed Museveni!

Just as all  the other times, another Presidential Advisor went on live TV telling that, yet another character that he is not capable of taking over after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The man whose run his republic since 1986. It is getting old and quick.

That John Nagenda went on TV again and again, speaking up against Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and saying he doesn’t have the capacity or ability to takeover from Museveni. The same has happen before, every time someone stands up and becomes big enough. The Presidential Advisors, the NRM apologists and the ones showing token of loyalty to the President.

Therefore, it is a very usual narrative. The narrative, that no one has the ability or the skill set. People tend to forget, it is not like President Museveni came with all knowledge and ability to run the Republic either. He was sacked as minister and didn’t win an election to become it even. The President needed a violent bush-war to topple the government. That is how he did it and stayed ever since.

Bobi Wine is not the same as Museveni and goodness in that. Just like Besigye was not the same as Museveni. Therefore, every time someone stand up and says or seems viable to seek higher office. They are told by the NRM, that only Museveni can achieve that and no one can succeed him. They neither have the army behind them, the Security Organizations, the Parliament, the aunties of Kisoro and Goats of the Karamojong. Because a person needs to have the selected possessions, the grandeur and the skill-set of present day Museveni. Like the next man will be as corrupt, devious and calculating as the current day President.

However, to be the man who comes after him, needs to be able to reconcile the public and also have the legitimacy, which are not there today. That is why the NRM and the President fears the People Power. Like they have feared the Defiance Campaign in the past. These sort of moves are showing how vulnerable. That the President isn’t loved or cherished. Still, everyone around him acts like he is God and the biggest blessing on planet earth.

That is why at some point, not only Wifey Janet saying his reign is lasting on Gods Will and Pastors doing the same. But they are praising his ground and soon making statutes in his name. Because, he is the closest to divine. Since, no one is able or capable to takeover.

That is what is bugging me. The merciless attitude of these men, the YES MEN who are spellbound and the ones has the only lifeline with the President. That is why they are saying no one can succeed him. Like he is part of an unholy trinity, that he has parts of the eternal spirit who cease all mortal powers. That the President is so special, that he is so unique, which makes things so impossible…

There will be someone ruling Post-Museveni. There will be a Post-Museveni, even if the NRM and his closest allies believes that. As they cannot see a tomorrow without him. However, like all mortals. One day he will stop breathing and then the Game of Thrones will appear. As the shadow of power, will be sealed by the fall of the Grandest Dictator in Modern Times. The man of the Mustard Seed and Bottlenecks will succumb to what all life has to, sudden DEATH. At this point, it is just a matter of time.

Therefore, people like Nagenda shouldn’t talk like his forever ruling. Because, the old man will not be helpful from the casket. Neither, is it helpful to discard all the talent, all the ones aspiring and that has possibility to rule Post-Museveni. Because, that time will come. We just don’t know when. Peace.

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