Opinion: Magufuli is now the Big-Brother!

We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.” [Osborn v. United States, 385 U.S. 323, 341 (1966) (dissenting)]” – William O. Douglas

No matter where you are, where you go or what you do, President John Pombe Magufuli follows you. Especially, if he has appointed you. He does it, he says to ensure better working environment and results. Alas, however, this is surveillance tactics. Which are usually only done by People who has warrants and works on Criminal Investigations for ensuring espionage or even illegal activity of gangs and others. The President of Tanzania. Has gone total estranged with privacy, with respect of fellow human beings and are now wire-tapping or having surveillance of the fellow appointed people’s phones. So, if they write something he might not like or accept. He might fire them!

Here is a fragment of Edge, who has taken some from The Citizen (Tanzania):

““When I tracked the telephone message between Mwalimu and Chaula, I noticed a strain in their working relationship. So to make their quarrels stop, I decided to place them under the same ministry,” Magufuli is quoted by The Citizen as saying. Magufuli told the new appointees to take care because they will face more trials during their work “I’m watching you. These quarrels must stop,” he warned” (Edge.ug – ‘I tap texts of my ministers, says Magufuli’ 09.01.2019, link: http://edge.ug/2019/01/09/i-tap-texts-of-my-ministers-says-magufuli/.

He said he is watching you. Like a hawk, the man is following the steps of Stasi Apparatus, the sort of surveillance, that is ensuring that you have spies everywhere and anyone can tell on you. He follows the cellphones of his staff and his appointments, the cabinet members and government officials. If this isn’t insulting anyone, than its weird. No one should be kept under surveillance, unless there is probable cause of intent or crimes committed to prove the need for this.

It shouldn’t be a tool of an Executive, to ensure people are working like you should. If they don’t work like you want them. Tell them the protocol and procedures, explain how you want the working environment to be and ensure the staff together with the appointed follows all guidelines put in place. Don’t tap their phones, listen to conversations, read their messages and whatnot. That is just some nonchalant, disrespectful and disgraceful acts of spite, evading privacy and social protocol. Especially, since these people are supposed to be the trusted men and woman.

He proved today with his statements, that there is no-privacy, there is no forum undisclosed. He does this to his own. No matter, what reasons he gives. It is an insane idea. If these men or woman, was cartel/triad/mafia members of secretive gangster operation. I would have understood the surveillance on them and the need for following their telecommunication.

Alas, these people are government officials, who are the appointed people of the Head of State. Which, the Head of States is monitoring. That is just wrong. It would be wrong if he did it, because he could to anybody. This is the sort of disgraceful act, a President shouldn’t do, but apparently, he does and is proud of it too. Peace.

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