Opinion: FGS and Villa Somalia won over Haysom, but what gives?

That Special Representative for Somalia and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) Nicholas Haysom wrote a letter to Federal Government of Somalia of 30th December 2018. Which has brought a fire-storm. That led to the order from the FGS or Villa Somalia on the 2nd January 2019, that he was put on notice as a “Person Non-Grata”. On the 4th January 2019, the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres wrote a statement, that he was going to replace Haysom as the Representative and Head of UNSOM.

Certainly, the FGS and Villa Somalia have been playing high stakes, they have sort of won now. The FGS and Villa Somalia might seems like they won with dodging Haysom and his ways. However, even as a sovereign state are allowed to decide who works and stays within their republic. Nevertheless, the FGS and Villa Somalia are in need of the UNSOM and the foreign donations to run their government. Therefore, the state has to work with the UNSOM, because of how the times are in Mogadishu.

Even if President Farmaajo and Prime Minister Kheire have won this one against Haysom. Because he asked about the actions and arrests done by the state. That the UNSOM was asking for an inquiry into the actions of the arrest surrounding the arrest of Mukhtar Robow, the former Al-Shabab leader who was running for Public Office in one of the Member States. This has clearly put strains on the working-relations between the parties. Which is evident by the timeline and the actions done since December 2018.

We can really see how Robow participating in politics is creating hostilities, that the FGS and Villa Somalia is struggling with it. And when UNSOM wondered about their actions. Instead of answering and owning up to their actions. They expelled the man asking questions. The FGS and Villa Somalia could have acted with sense, but instead acted with haste. The UNSOM could have answered and suspended more activity. Like the European Commission, United Kingdom and Germany did on the 2nd January to suspend funding of the Joint Police Programme in South West State, where the actions was. Therefore, the FGS and Villa Somalia knows perfectly well, that their actions has consequences outside of Mogadishu.

There is clearly actions happening, that there are implications in the South West State and their internal election. Also, there are most likely a new representative and head of UNSOM. That person, might even be more direct and go directly to the President and PM, to get answers when the state acts with violence and arrests. That is why UNSOM head asked for an inquiry. Which is natural after the state uses deadly force. Just like the UNSOM and FGS should ask for after every single use of drone attacks by the US Army on Somalian territory. The FGS and Villa Somalia should wish that, as they want to be transparent and answer for possible misgivings.

That the FGS and Villa Somalia won today is evident. But if they will win with more hostile actions against the UN? I doubt that, because how much gives, right?

The FGS and Somalia is a sovereign, but at the same time. As so much of their operations are done through the United Nations and with foreign donations. They should be working closer with them and find out the initial reason why a UN Representative asks for something and what is the reason. Not just banishing them, making them illegal aliens in the Republic. They should find solutions and be statesmen. Not just big-men without consideration for protocol. Cannot the political landscape of Villa Somalia and FGS handle letters from the UNSOM, but only papers promising funds for government operations?

That is what it looks like and its not a good look! Peace.

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