Sudan: Today was “Freedom Friday”!

Today, there was more demonstrations and protests around the Republic. This is continuation of the protests against the regime of National Congress Party (NCP) and President Omar Al-Bashir. The are clear messages, that the public would prefer that Al-Bashir wants him to step-down and resign. It was the Sudanese Professional Association who called the demonstrations today, surely they will be remembered as the Freedom Friday rallies, as the momentum is there. As the state is doing vicious attacks and the chants are stronger. The barricades are broken and the state cannot uphold this pressure. We have to hope these demonstrations amounts to changes, that the NCP and President see their ill-gotten gains.

Look at the recent reports:

National Intelligence and Security Service officers reportedly arrest journalist Faisal Muhammad Salih from his office and confiscate cell phone” (Isma’il Kushkush, 03.01.2019).

Earlier today, Sudanese security apparatus arrested Dr. Mohamed Nagi Alasm, the member of the secretariat of Sudanseen Professionals Association who publicly announced the Change and Freedom declaration on the 1st of January” (Sudan Change Now, 04.01.2019).

It is reported that: “NISS arrested the father of SCP party’s Deputy Secretary-General Noureldin Salah and are holding him hostage to force him to turn himself in”.

Reported that snipers disguised as firemen open fire at protesters in Elobied City.

In Omdurman, after the Friday Prayer as they went to the streets, the Security Forces used vast amounts of tear-gas to disperse the demonstrators.

There are various reports of arrests in Khartoum, Omdurman and other cities, as the protests are spreading. Even in some states there are letters from the state, saying if the civil servants are protesting or demonstrating in the uprising. They will be terminated. Those sort of letters has leaked and shows to what extent the state goes against the ones questioning their power.

We already knows what sort of activity this government does, as the rising levels of direct killings as the protests goes by, as the amounts of arrests. There are various numbers out, the official death toll after 3 weeks are about 40 deaths and about 300 arrested. However, the unofficial numbers of arrests are closer to 500, but no certainty about the amounts of death. Also, there are no official number in the ones wounded, which would be sky-rocketed by all the usage of live-bullets against the crowds in the Republic.

That is what is remembered, what the government does to its own citizens. The Republic are going against their citizens. That is what is happening, while they are fighting through peaceful means for their freedom.

Al-Bashir, your time is up. You just doesn’t seem to get it yet. Peace.

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