Gabon: Ali Bongo is sort of back!

After getting a stroke in Saudi Arabia on the 24th October 2018 and later date transferred for more treatment in Morocco. President Ali Bongo of Gabon have had health problems and specialized treatment abroad, as he cannot travel back to Libreville to get it. This shows the weakness of the Health Care facilities in his own Republic. The Second Generation Dictator of Gabon. Could have ensured these was in place in his own Republic. Instead, just like father, the son is also spending his time getting cured abroad.

When he gotten sick abroad and it took time, the vacuum of power, where even the closest leadership had to circumvent the Constitution to have leeway while he was gone. They had to ensure the steady ship of government to continue to roll, even when it was questionable concerning the passed laws. That shows how problematic, that there isn’t proper institutions, but based on ONE MAN.

The family of Bongo has ruled for two generations and haven’t delivered much. That is why the President is having treatment in Rabat and not in Libreville. If the President had served his Republic or cared about service delivery. He would have travelled home and gotten treatment there. However, with the steady eating of the government plate. He had to do it elsewhere.

This is the real weakness of Bongo, who has no trouble with dealing with oppressive means against his opposition. Not to talk about, the lack of spending and policies to better the Republic. The President of ages cannot even manage basics. Therefore, he is spending so many months abroad. Even slurring on TV as he had his first appearance in months.

It might show that his not dead, as some was worried about and because of speculations, even closed a Radio Channel in Cameroon. We are now seeing a weak man, a healing man and not a strong man. A big-man who cannot act as nothing touches him. The pictures and the video shows it.

Even he tried to reassure the people, the Gabonese, he is surely weaker. He is not pitch perfect health, the stroke has hit him hard. That is why the silence lasted for so long. It was months and unknown about his condition or his circumstances, as the authorities or people around him wouldn’t tell.

Now, we have seen why. Ali Bongo is weak, he is tired and not fit. He will return and anticipate the throne, but we are now seeing another Bongo. We can wonder who that might be and what might move him.

Certainly with this weakness and this change, it would be time for leadership. For honest leadership and for someone who is loved by the people. That would counter everything, the Family of Bongo stands for. But that would enrich the Republic of Gabon. If the ruling regime dared to do so. Since, the ruling regime already showed finesse, while Bongo was in sick-bed abroad. Peace.

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