Sudan’s Uprising: Al-Bashir’s double communication speaks of restraint, but uses excessive force against them!

Today on the 31st December 2018. As the demonstrations against the National Congress Party and President Omar Al-Bashir 30 year dictatorship and assault on the citizens freedom. Days ahead of today, the Sudan Professional Association called for a Second Demonstration at the Republican Palace in Khartoum.

Therefore, with the knowledge of the staged demonstrations in Khartoum, the Authorities and the world knew that the public would go out today, ahead of the New Years Celebration. They all knew this, that is why the President called for restraint and not using excess methods to silence the demonstrators. However, by the actions done by the authorities it doesn’t seem real.

We have seen clips of NISS going out on trucks shooting tear-gas and live-bullets at the crowds in Khartoum. There are reports from Medical Sources, that there is plenty of people with gun-wounds from today’s demonstrations. The Police is ordering shops to close, as the people are gathering. They are all prepared for the action happening. We also know as previously, the authorities ordered snipers on the roof in and around city. That shows their plan of intimidation and also excessive actions against peaceful protesters.

Even as the doctors and medical personnel tries to help the wounded protesters. In some of the streets for Khartoum, the authorities are arresting and taking them into custody. The soldiers and police officers, was even using tear-gas and violent acts on the Hospital Street, where the wounded was transferred too. They continued there, to retaliate against them.

Even with all the state sponsored violence in the streets in Khartoum. The demonstration are still going towards the Republic Palace or the Presidential Palace in the Capital. We know they are doing whatever they can to control it. As the authorities have also blocked the bridges into city. They have planned it to ensure that the city isn’t filled with protesters tired of the regime.

With all knowledge of this, he speaks with double tongue, as he orders restraint. However, shooting people in the legs, having snipers on the street and tear-gassing people on the way to the Hospital isn’t trusting the public as they demonstrate. That is more violence, more live-bullets without knowing the consequences or levels of hurt.

This is seriously attacking on their freedom, as done so much by the Al-Bashir Regime. Peace.

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