DRC: Slowing down the Internet as the Ballots is Counted!

Today, the day after the polls, which is marred with irregularities and misgivings. CENI is counting and partial results are released online. Which are in favour of the opposition candidates. However, we have seen this before, early counting the opposition are having a lead, but after another 24 hours, the CENI will ensure the provinces or districts in rural areas voting for the heir of Kabila suddenly. The same sort of happen in 2011. It wouldn’t be surprising, if this happen in 2018 too.

Now, we are getting news that the Mobile Data or Internet are slowing down, this being from Vodacom in Kinshasa or within the Republic itself. This because, they know what is going on and want less reporting. It wouldn’t be surprising if during the rest of today. We would get news of a black-out, as the partial results would make it harder to rig them in favour of the heir. That is the reality. Even RFI are told to use less pictures or films to show, as the network is not able to do it.

We know that the results are awaiting anyway, as the first partial of official results is scheduled to come on the 2nd January 2019, as the 30th December 2018 polls numbers are trickling in. We are on the 31st December 2018 are coming in.

We can anticipate this, as Kabila knows this game to get his result, to get his man in power. To get his heir and his allies stated in power. The President knows this, that is why Vodacom suddenly slowing the internet or mobile data. That is all to silence and stop the feeds. They haven’t blocked social-media, but don’t need if people are struggling to be online.

Expect the results to favour the heir, the Shadari. It has been made this way, because Kabila and CENI wants it. It is why they have been arrogant and ready, as all parts of the election has been made for this.

This is a slow-brewing stew made for the Kabila and Shadari. Nothing else to be anticipated, because this is all scheduled programming from now on. Expect activists, monitors and others to be detained as they show evidence of electoral fraud. This being mismatch of numbers comparing the ballots versus the machines or whatnot. Even seeing people running of with ballot boxes in various provinces.

Let’s hope not, but is doubtful, as the internet is being slowed down and sooner could be cut-off. Peace.

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