Sudan: The 10th Day of Demonstrations against Al-Bashir!

Someone has ruled the Republic since 30th June 1989 after a bloodless coup against Prime Minister Sadiq Al-Mahdi. Since then the Colonel Omar Al-Bashir has ruled and been President of Sudan. This is why the people are in the streets against both the President and National Congress Party. They are ready for another leadership and not someone looting them, intimidating them and using them.

We have known for days, that the Rapid Support Force or Janjaweed have been on the streets shooting live bullets. The same has the soldiers done, who has been ordered across the Republic to squash the demonstrations. Also, the massive use of tear-gas, even throwing it into people’s houses, as well as all the deaths. Which the Republic doesn’t want to address or take credit for.

There are now after ten days official numbers. These are reported from Radio Dabanga:

Sudan’s Information Minister, Bushara Juma, said at a press conference in Khartoum that 19 people were killed during the demonstrations in the country that began on Wednesday last week. Juma asserts that 219 people were wounded, while the number of injured regular forces reached 187” (Dabanga – ‘Official Sudan protest casualty figures released’ 28.12.2018, link:

There are the official numbers of causalities, but independent sources are having bigger numbers. So, at this point it is hard to know what is what. Especially since the Republic has blocked Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Also, the biggest Cellphone Company Zain has blocked the Internet through their lines. All of this is to make a possible black-out.

We know the NCP and President is striking all out. As there are reports of even aircraft’s used to intimidate the public, while they are demonstrating on the 10th day. We know the Janjaweed are patrolling the streets, even the Petrol Stations and guarding the banks of Khartoum. There is even the use of National Intelligence and Security Services, which is headed by Saleh Gosh. So, the acts of the Security Officials by the Regime.

We know how far they go, when while Friday Prayers in Omdurman, the Authorities threw tear-gas inside the mosque, as they were afraid of the public going out demonstrating after the prayers. That proves how far this regime takes it. This is what they do.

We know the seriousness, as the UN Human Rights Council states this:

The UN Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Sudan, Aristide Nononsi, said the use of lethal force was unacceptable when controlling demonstrations. “Dissent must be tolerated and not restrained with excessive force which can lead to loss of life. I strongly urge the Sudanese security forces to exercise the utmost restraint to avoid the escalation of violence and take immediate measures to protect the right to life of the demonstrators,” Nononsi said. The experts said they were also concerned at reports of arbitrary arrests and detentions of unknown numbers of protesters, including students and political activists. “We call on the Sudanese authorities to release those detainees. We also urge the authorities to carry out independent and thorough investigations and to ensure that security forces handle protests in line with the country’s international human rights obligations.”” (UN Human Rights Council – ‘ Sudan: UN experts urge halt to excessive use of force against peaceful protesters’ 28.12.2018).

Al-Bashir and the NCP should know their time is up. The President should know this and his actions against the public, will only infuriate them, as they have seen their sinister acts over three decades done by the President. Even if the coup d’etat of 1989 had been this Presidency, then things would have been good. However, this Presidency was born out of civil war and that was prolonged in the South Sudan and with the internal conflicts in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile State.

President Al-Bashir have the chance to step down and man-up, but it seems like he will fight to the bitter end. It has already lasted for ten days. We don’t know how this will end and how far the President will take it. Seriously, we have to wonder, when the authorities feel they are losing the grip and cannot handle the pressure. Because at some point, the waves of people will make the wall of power lose. To the tide of people flooding over. However, when that happens, is not for me to speculate, but hope it will happen.

So, that the Power of the People are proven yet again and they hopefully get a just ruler. Who gives them their freedom, the liberties and the justice they deserve. Peace.

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