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Opinion: Ruto’s run for 2022 seems like a sideshow!

I hate to say it, but I got too. Because someone has to show some common sense. As the headlines, as the media houses and seemingly social media is speaking up about the possible 2022 Run for the Deputy President William Ruto of the Jubilee Party as the succession of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Why I hate to say this, is because his is all a side-show. This is so people forget the grand-corruption, the defaulting loans and the growing rate of repaying interests on old loans. That is what the state has created, while ensuring the public is eating up everything happening with side-chicks of celebrities and Githeri Man.

That is why the DP run for 2022 is so important in the end of 2018 before the start of 2019. That is three years ahead of the coming elections. As the election of 2017 is still fresh. The Election rigging, will not change if the DP would be the top of the ticket. He would order the same deal as his boss did. I wrote myself, that he was the “winner” after the Handshake. As he got a free-way to 2022 in March 2018. But, that this is taking over the headlines now, shows that the media is all about preparing him as the NEXT, already now.

We are now long ahead, we all know this. That isn’t an understatement. That DP Ruto is a hustler and savvy is all but viable. That he has enriched himself and his associates. This is well-known. Ruto know this and he wouldn’t have gained wealth without his position or his political position. We all have seen that, as he went from being a poor wandering pastor into the hyper-wealthy, owning businesses, hotels and media houses. While being a politician. We have all seen that over time. Therefore, don’t be shocked if he want to step up to another level.

However, the 2022 is a sideshow at this point. 2022 run of DP Ruto is just a play to forget the challenges of today. It is way to create “in-fighting” and “in-security” so that people forget the scandals, the mismanagement and the lacking development delivered by the government. As the President can do now and then, some PR stunts, but not really delivering the Big Four Agenda or anything substantial, as they are busy eating. While people are fooling themselves with an imaginary run of Ruto.

That is how it looks today for me, I might be terribly wrong. But if there was ever a need of pawn, of a something stealing the headlines, as a preparation of the future. This would be it, as they are playing people for fools, awaiting something that is possible, but no one really knows. We cannot know who will follow the leadership now. If it is another family dynasty or if it is someone who is made to be.

DP Ruto would be weird if he didn’t have the ambition to takeover for Kenyatta. However, it is not all him. It is also up to the negotiations within the Jubilee. They all have to decide and made a decisions together. Ruto has to pay-up and secure loyalty. We just have to see.

But at this moment, that is a long-con. A real long-con, an uncertain future and not even close to Primaries before a General Election of 2022. It should be a discussion closer to that point. Right now, its too early.

Ruto is either playing around, either as a pawn himself, checking the waters and if he can build bridges. If not, the Jubilee is using this to takeover the media houses and talks, so they are not focused on the grand corruption, scandals or graft. Peace.

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