Bobi Wine Concert Blockade: Shows the Naked Truth about Museveni!

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell

There are apologists out there, that are blaming Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for his actions against the government. That is why the government is blocking his concerts. However, that just shows the viciousness of the government. As they cannot accept that not all people are blind followers of the President and his cronyism.

The likes of Mwenda will ensure that the blind men are blaming Bobi Wine, I will not exercise my right to double-down on him. Because, I have done enough of it in the past and Andrew doesn’t deserve my time. He can love the dictator in his head. Please continue.

However, the Boxing Day blocking of concert on Bobi Wine’s own land. They came with tear-gas and arresting several of the team before the concert. The Firebase crew had written and ask for clearance. Still, the Police Force came crashing in and stopped the event.

That is like the MP is the devil. At the same time, the President is promoting and is a PR Person for the Bebe Cool event in Uganda. Bebe Cool has all rights to perform, but he does as a sign of loyalty to the President. Therefore, getting all the subsidizes and help from the same regime that is going after Bobi Wine. That shows who is allowed and who is not.

They are saying various statements, that Bobi Wine was not prepared. However, all documentation dropped online proves that the government knew and there was correspondence. The Police Force knew and had the knowledge. The Police Force was able for the first Kyarenga Concert at the same venue. So, why not do it again in December?

This just shows the blatantly disregard of justice, freedom and liberty for one individual. As, the blockage of concerts for Bobi Wine is yet another prime example of how the President controls everything. He has done with plenty of persons in the opposition. Where he will stop them from doing their thing. Making their lives hectic and lose opportunities, because they are brave enough to stand in the way of the President.

President Museveni, who this Christmas Season spoke of loving thy neighbour and being there for each other. Apparently, he didn’t mean Bobi Wine and his kind. While Bebe Cool is super cool and can do whatever he like. That is the reality… but not that the apologists will ever say that. Because Cool had license to this, but Wine didn’t have it. We all know the Police is political and following orders from above. They are directly going against Bobi Wine, in same manner, as it has done in the recent decade. Peace.

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