My letter to President Al-Bashir: Time to Reconcile your fate!

27th December 2018, Oslo

Dear Sir, your Excellency, President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan.

I am writing to you, as your people are revolting against, chanting words against your 30 years of reign.

If you don’t know sir, your time is up. There is time for you to fold your cards and step aside. Your rule of genocide, senseless killings, mismanagement and grand corruption. Should soon be over. The timeless killings and murder of South Kordofan, Blue Nile State and in Darfur. Is what your legacy will leave behind.

Since, the Coup that took you into power, you have never given time or day to anyone else. You have been the sole person to control and initiate violence. You have ensured that dozens of familes are lost. You have secured them pain, that they can never heal from, a pain where their loved ones are ditched in graves without names, where villages has been burnt and all for some petrodollars for you to spend on yourself.

That is the reality of today, as you use the Janjaweed to attack civilians who demonstrate against you. Again, you use force against the people you supposed to serve. Your supposed to be a guiding star and a living example. Instead, your a bloodthirsty tyrant, who uses all means to oppress the civilians. There are no joy, no mercy, just more bloodshed.

So, you can be their Excellency, their master and their ruler. Is it all worth it? The bloodstains on your hands, that you can never wash off? What will you do, when you have to answer for the all the lives taken on your command? Where are your heart and soul, going to answer, when the ancestors going to question your actions? How will you answer to God, when you ask to redeem your soul for eternity?

I don’t think you ever thought of that, because you have been a self-styled President for Life. You have been preoccupied with ruling on your own accord and ruthlessly so. Therefore, the consideration of your afterlife and your legacy has been squashed. You have thought you would never be touched. But you will, not only by chants in the streets, not only by civilians belittling you. However, you will be touched by the high and mighty, when you stop breathing and he will.

Well, it is time for me to look into other matters, but you should reconsider your obligations, your place in the world and redeem yourself. Before you end up like a thief on the street, before they retaliate against you. Like you have done to plenty of villages, all your grown up life. They will take your home, burn your possessions, take your wealth, take your chair and take your space. All, because you never had the sight of justice and liberty. Except for yourself.

You could do everything, but the public was ruled by your iron fist and your cannons. They had no say and was to be obliged, that you let them live. Even if they never asked you to breathe, still, you acted like that. You acted like an eternal ruler, while you where only a man, like them.

It is time for you to leave, time for you to seek guidance and help. Reconcile your fate and see, what the people see fit for you and not the other way around. Peace.

Best regards

Writer of MinBane.

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