Bobi Wine blocked from performing, yet again!

In Jinja today, the Police has again shown their loyalty to their master, as they have blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from performing at the Fifth Annual Street Jam. This was bound to happen at the Queens Palace. The event was cleared by the Police before, but they didn’t care.

To top it all, the Police raided City Hotel where the artist and MP was supposed to stay. Also, where the Firebase or team of Bobi Wine was residing. They while they were trying to find his hideout. Clearly, the Police has a mission to stifle and make his life hard.

That the Police are working hard to torment the people of Bobi Wine is clear. As they are taken now, arrested and put into jeopardy. Bobi Wine is trying to make a living, while being an artist and the freedom of speech, the liberty to assemble and the freedom for all isn’t for all. It is a limited freedom and a limited liberty in the Republic. The proof has long been the stifling of all political activity for Besigye. Now the same is happening Bobi Wine. Finally, some more eyes are opened. As he is trying just to perform his craft.

This is the truth of the acts of oppression and dictatorship. An artist, a man who oppose the almighty, the one that orders everything from above. The acts of a President, that wants again to show his force, his might and what resources he posses. That anyone who is in his way has to pay.

However, that will be his legacy, even if he preaches peace and dialogue, the torture, the destruction of institutions and the lack of faith in the public. Is the reality of these actions. President Museveni has lost his ways, but he doesn’t know it. Because all the YES-MEN around praise his every fart and smell of poop.

That is just the reality and its sad. That the tyrant thinks he has the vision, but really looks at the world like a drunk sea-man. He is faring blindly, but have no clue.

Bobi Wine is a threat to the power-drunk man at the State House. This is not news, but we just have to repeat it. Peace.

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