Opinion: Museveni implicit saying that his the only one justified to rule!

they should better start dreaming of other alternatives” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 13.12.2018

When a President of 32 years says to the public to dream of other alternatives, because he is not retiring. Bosco are really something else. When he does this at a Summit where he is supposed to gratify the dialogue and negotiate with the Opposition. The man who has ruled for over three decades cannot retire. The man that is officially 74 years old

What is more important is that the mandatory retiring age for civil servants in the Republic is 60 years old. Saying that if that would imply the President are already overworked by 14 years, if the official age and birthday is true, which by this point is questionable because of the paper-trail left behind the President himself. The President by the precedence that state has done this to its civil workers, maybe he should have considered it himself.

Museveni speech at IPOD:

I hear people like Mao talking about transition, how they would like to sit in the audience and see Museveni handing over power. That is the most important thing for him. I do not think that is the most important and it is good he is saying that” (…) “So, the political class, instead of talking about the destiny of Africa, you are talking about petty things— elections, who becomes who. That is why I have said if I still have strength, I will continue” (…) “his is my point of view: not to retire when the original issues of why Africa nearly perished have not been addressed. And you are just addressing small things— elections. The ones you are electing, you elect them to do what exactly? (sic) That is what you should answer. I have no other interest in politics because I am a cattle keeper” (…) “they should better start dreaming of other alternatives” (Daily Monitor – ‘Don’t dream about my exit, Yoweri Museveni tell his rivals’ 14.12.2018, link: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/africa/Yoweri-Museveni-clings-on-power/1066-4895118-xbg64k/index.html).

It is insulting to his people, that the man of 32 years and 74 years old. Think he is the only one fit to rule. As he is not yet ready to have anyone to succeed him or a possible transition from his Bush-War mentality rule. That the President of 1986 until today. Thinks he has the only wisdom to carry the Republic.

Museveni was the new breed, that Bill Clinton and others looked up to in the early 1990s, but as time has gone by. The proof is that it was a new wine into old sacks. It wasn’t that new breed, it was new names, logos and programs, but not new actions. If he had been that new, he wouldn’t have fought for so long and had two referendums on Multi-Party Democracy. If he was that new, he wouldn’t put treason charges and torture fellow civilians who oppose him. If he was that new, he wouldn’t kill of enemies and use safe-houses to put people in. If Museveni was a new breed, the public wouldn’t be living under fear or if assembling by anyone else fearing their lives or for the loved ones. As his guards and his guns will hit you. That is who Museveni is.

That is why his words are dangerous, when he speaks of dreaming and alternatives. Does he want more people to the Bush to fight him? Does Uganda need another transition with guns and civil war? Just because one old man, thinks he is entitled to rule supreme until eternity?

Because, he is implying he is a cattle-keeper, but that is partly true. As the giant ranch is the people of Uganda and he is fencing them in. Since he is not leaving them and whipping them until they following his words. That is what he has done for decades and continues to do.

He knows he is not that popular, that is why he has gone from being the savior of the Republic to becoming the Pan-African Jesus. Museveni doesn’t just want to ensure his place in Uganda, but he wants to seal of the deals of the East African Community and the whole continent. He is taken the Gadaffi route. He wants to be the anointed king of Africa.

Yower or Yoseri are saying people needs to dream of alternatives, as he is not retiring at the advanced age he is.

It is 32 years and counting. He thinks he rule forever. That is his dream. That is why the long nightmare continues to the Republic. Since one man thinks he is entitled to rule.

The only man with vision, is now the ONLY MAN ALLOWED TO RULE. The rest of you deserves a nightmare, apparently living under his reign. Peace.

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