Somalia: The impeachment against President Farmaajo is declared invalid!

On the 9th December 2018 there was over 92 MPs who signed themselves on an Impeachment of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. While there was nothing directed at Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire. That is why there speculation if he was the one behind the scenes fixing it. So that he could topple the President. This was served the Lower House Speaker Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman, who accepted the Impeachment. To file it and put it forward in the Lower House of Parliament would be really a stand-off.

Since the 10th December 2018 at Villa Hargeisa, the Speaker has been under-house. He has been that for two days now. The Security Forces sealed it off as the Impeachment came into play. While today on the 11th December 2018, the Secretary General of the Parliament, Abdikarim Hajji Bux deducted 14 MPs from the Motion of the Impeachment. Because of that the Motion was declared invalid. That has happen as the Speaker been under house-arrest.

This shows what sort of political play the Villa Somalia does and how he clears the House. When the Villa Somalia wanted to get rid of Speaker Jawari, they sent the army to the Lower House and besieged it. So, in April 2019 Kheire won the match and the stand-off. After nearly a month of political hardball. Jawari resigned… and lost, but the issues are still there.

We can wonder will happen next, how long will Villa Somalia keep the newly minted Speaker behind the Lower House? Because keeping Mursal under house-arrest because of Motion of Impeachment. Proves that the leadership is immature and not nurturing the process. As the FGS and Villa Somalia really addressing this the wrong way.

If they had a case, they should have answered the Lower House in Person, not sending the army to the Gates of the Villa Hargeisa. That is just weakness. The President is still a coward, the only difference is that he is carrying a gun. The Lower House filled a Motion questioned the Agreements done with Eritrea and Ethiopia, as the President has done deals without being transparent with the Parliament. That is why they could doubt the President. Secondly, they could have been swayed by outside forces. Thirdly, they could do it try to get more cash and funding.

We have not heard much from the rest of the MPs who was Pro-Impeachment. There will be surely more aftermath to this. Certainly someone went to play, but didn’t get their result. Also, some tried to play hard, but got stamped on.

Even if the President thinks he won now, this is not how a victory looks like. Villa Somalia didn’t win, but didn’t lose either. Farmaajo are saved for the moment, but is a fragile President. As he needs the soldiers and armed forces to get his way in the Lower House of the Parliament. The FGS and Villa Somalia is really weak. Peace.

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