Another Corruption Scandal: President Kenyatta office has 2,7bn unaccounted for!

There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.”Joseph Pulitzer

In Kenya it is ordinary that the Jubilee Administration of the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. This administration has had so many scandals and corruption cases, that this is too common. It is a rare occasion if there isn’t some scheme, some funds missing or some development project funding siphoned away. That is so common, that the amounts of funds or state reserves eaten would be a hectic calculation. This has been steadily going on since 2013 and continues until the next term.

The President has promised to tackle corruption and corrupt officials, but now his own direct office has mismanaged funds for years. Therefore, it is deliberately and done with purpose, as they didn’t anticipate it backfiring or even being leaked. They worked directly with the President and at this point, he is sort of untouchable, as well as his cronies who have also done illicit acts within the administration. Therefore, this sort of scandal fits a bit to perfectly.

Presidential Office spent 2,7bn unaccounted for:

A report by the Auditor General revealed that the President’s office cannot satisfactorily account for over Sh2.7 billion spent over three years. An examination of records shows the Presidency spent Sh2,729,192,010 on ‘confidential expenditure’ in three financial years. The Presidency provided certificates to support the expenditure and said the purpose and particulars of the expenditure cannot be made public. However, the report by Auditor General Edward Ouko indicates that unsatisfactory matters regarding the confidential expenditure between 2014 and 2016 financial years remain unresolved” (Patrick Vidija – ‘Uhuru’s office fails to account for Sh2.7bn spent in three years – Auditor General’ 07.12.2018, link:

This is not the biggest eating challenge. That the Office of the President have now spent Sh. 2,7bn which they cannot account for. In USD this is $26,678,305 or $26,6m. That is a big amount of money, which could have been used to do what they where supposed to. Instead, they might have gone to side-dishes, own President on fancy cars and houses. If not his real-estate or any of his businesses to expand them. Because, they cannot show where the money really went.

That is just the mere observation of what the Auditor General are saying. That the AG cannot find the proof of spending of $26m between 2014 to 2016. Clearly, these funds was spent on whatever the President saw fit. Whoever knows where it went, as the Office of President are calling it confidential.

President Kenyatta has to answer for this, as the Life Style Audit should start here, if it isn’t mere words or PR.

He and his PR team can cook-up whatever, the President and his Team cannot run away from this. Kenyatta is again proving his acts of graft. Kenyatta is proving how corrupt he is. Uhuru knows this. But he will play that he doesn’t know.

Time to put to rest the fight against corruption. Unless the President wants to fight himself and the Presidents Men. However, that will not happen, because he will reveal all the thieving and that will not be something grand, but instead something sinister. Peace.

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