Tanzania: A new Amendment will severely restrict Political Parties!

There is a new law on the horizon in Tanzania, another measure to secure and control society. Just as you thought it wasn’t enough this done by President John Pombe Magufuli, him and his party are really taking, yet another step to ensure total control. Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) are really coming with the iron fist, as they are planning to take it one step further.

This is with the Political Parties Amendment of 2018, which was gazetted on 16th October 2018. The law is yet to be enacted, so the particular changes of the law isn’t yet done. But the texts and ready-made statutes are there.

This is new is specify what an organization or a political party can do. Where the State has to sanction and allow the Civic Education from the Political Parties and their affiliates. As the State will ensure what they educate and what they teach. This is in direct line with restraining the freedom of assemble and freedom of speech.

Another vital change is that the functions of a political party changes and what it cannot be. For instance, it is no longer allowed to be a “Pressure Group” or “Activist Group”. Even if they are partly so, as they are organizations who works political to steer the political conversation and outline their program for the public. So, I have a hard time seeing this and how it can be used as statute of law. Who will deem one or the other?

Because, political parties made of real people are trying to steer the conversation, they are filled with activists believing and fighting for cause, of any kind to anyone that passes by. So I recon, that this is stopping initiative and controlling what they can teach and how they operate.

That is the initial first reaction to the passages that has leaked online. This is yet another step in years of Magufuli who are a man, who likes to hear his own voice and his own message, but not anyone else. The Bulldozer who crashes everyone’s party and expect to hailed for doing so. Peace.

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