Revenge of the Clones: Buhari Edition!

If you had yourself cloned, who exactly, would be your parents? Can you raise yourself? I guess so. And it might be fun. Just think, by the age of six you’d be driving yourself to school.”George Carlin

There is something magnificent when George Lucas and Lucasfilm are making their Nollywood edition. That is happening after Disney brought Lucasfilm shows how they want to hit new markets. Now they have made another version of their movies, I just wonder who will be the Darth Vader, who will be Han Solo and who will be the voice of 3CPO.

However, this is the tweet, Buhari saying he is not cloned:

One of the questions that came up today in my meeting with Nigerians in Poland was on the issue of whether I‘ve been cloned or not. The ignorant rumours are not surprising — when I was away on medical vacation last year a lot of people hoped I was dead” – President Muhammadu Buhari (02.12.2018).

So, there been rumors that Muhammadu was Jubril and that he was really from Sudan. That he was the Sudanese Prince or whatever who covered from the death of Buhari. That he came to planet earth to be the clone and takeover the role of the President. However, that is all rumors.

It wasn’t a long time ago, when the Nigerian Social Media wanted it to be Coup d’etat in Cameroon too. So the Social Media in Naija is off the chain. They are now on some Science Fiction, some Face-Off, Star-Wars and Star-Trek kind of stories.

That is why the President has to embarrass himself and say he is not a clone, that he is not Jubril of Sudan. All of this is really impressive, that this wasn’t a 419. It should have been, but this is instead a Naija Science Fiction. This should be made movie by the Teco Benson or Dickson Iroegbu, who could make this into a fantastic movie. It would even hit the Oscars and possibly become nominated for the best Foreign Film.

Because, who wouldn’t enjoy and have a fun experience, seeing someone playing both Muhammadu Buhari or Jubril of Sudan acting as the Nigerian President. That would have been a kick-ass story.

Clearly, the best one would be being Jubril in Parliament enacting a law and looking into the frame saying: “I dey fine” and grinning. While the audience know he is the clone of Buhari. Peace.

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