Tanzania: Opposition Leader Zitto Kabwe subpoenaed for an interview by the PCBB over an article in Jamii Forum!

We all know how sensitive and mediocre of a leader President John Pombe Magufuli is, the man who cannot manage jeopardizing his ego or self-inflated seat of the Iron Throne in Dodoma. As of yesterday, ACT-WAZELENDO Chairman Zitto Kabwe was questioning the funding of the Tanzam railway and its upgrades of trains itself and the new construction. That was clearly a violation of trust between the opposition politician and the authorities.

That is why the opposition leader are now called into question by the Takukuru or the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau, to explain his recent statements made on the Social Media. Because he went to far, to questioning the loans and the funds of the Chinese. That is something no one is supposed to do. Especially, since the President says the Chinese dole away like there is no tomorrow with no strings attach. There is no hitch or second plan behind the donations, funding and loans in Tanzania. No, the Chinese are just friendly uncles who likes to spoil gentle and kind foreigners. That is what they do. That is if, if your thinking as naively as the President.

That is why Kabwe gets into trouble, because he answers back to the naive or dumbfounded President. Who clearly is hurt by the Western Donors and their demands behind their gifts and funding. That they have certain standards of where they operate. This has hit a snag and is bugging the almighty, the biggest man ever to grace Tanzania. The giant upper echelon of leadership, Mr. Magufuli.

Therefore, when the likes of Kabwe questions him, he has to answer either in court, by the gentle authorities or become detained. All of which has happen in the past, and as long as there is a man with an inflated ego. He will be detained again, it is just a question of time and purpose. Because, Magufuli only cares about his ego and partly about his friends. If you dare say anything negative or spread bad words. Bad mouth him or spread allegations of misconduct against the head honcho, expect to see the Police Officers and the Court Room, also after all that be behind bars.

That is just the rule of law and justice in Tanzania at the moment. If your are somebody saying something of critic or out of bound of Mr. President. Expect to pay the price, the legal jeopardy will come and who knows what the end-game is. Certainly, it will take time and effort to battle this. Because the President is almighty and is never wrong.

He can sing, he can dance and play the bongo. But he cannot manage that people question his authority or his leadership. That is a cardinal sin and the eternal flames of hell will burn you for saying anything against the man. Peace.

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