President Bongo medical transfer from Riyadh to Rabat: 36 days abroad and Counting!

In Libreville they are awaiting and wondering when President Ali Bongo will return from his sickness and hospital visits in Saudi Arabia and now in Morocco. As President Bongo has been gone for 36 days, as the unverified reports are saying he got a stroke while visiting a conference in Riyadh early October. Now, it is the end of November and nothing is certain yet. Except there is no good hospital for treatment in Gabon to save his ass.

That is what we really can learn from this, where a President first has to take major treatment in the Saudi Arabia and that will now get the last relief of treatment in Morocco. Clearly, Bongo, the Second Generation of failing President in Gabon. You are clearly failing, when you cannot get healed where you reside and rule. You know your doing a terrible job as an Executive, when you cannot use the services, that your government is providing the citizens. Because, the President doesn’t feel safe enough or healthy enough to return to Libreville.

The Communique from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication — Département de la Communication in Morocco said this today: “This transfer “comes in accordance with the wishes of His Excellency President Bongo, in agreement with the Constitutional Institutions of the Gabonese Republic and in accordance with the opinion of the doctors,” according to a statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday. The wife of Gabonese President Sylvia announced Tuesday on her Facebook page that her husband would leave the Saudi capital on Wednesday for Rabat, saying that the transfer was “made possible by the very significant improvement” in the state of health of her husband” (…) “President Bongo must be joined in Rabat by several Gabonese officials, including the chief of staff, the secretary general, the chief of protocol or the spokesman of the presidency, as told to AFP an official source to the Gabonese Presidency” ( – ‘Communiqué: Le président gabonais à Rabat pour un séjour de convalescence’ 29.11.2018).

What is rich about this, is that Omar Bongo died officially in Morocco too. Therefore, that he is moved there is a worrying sign of the medical treatment and also the medical condition of Bongo. It is nothing official about his death. This is just an official movement of a patient, who happens to a President. A Second Generation, who is ruling a country. Where he isn’t a suitable patient.

That is the staggering tale, that the same that happen to the father is now happening to the son. Of the same Republic and the same ruling regime. The same sins are repeating. Now like father like son, they are transferred. They are both being moved as patients abroad, but the length of the stint is creating a power vacuum and the VP/PM has already altered the Constitution to take action. Which has created a Constitutional Crisis in a way, where they have taken while Bongo is gone. Therefore, this shows how fragile the system is, when one family rules supreme and there isn’t building of institutions.

This is a mockery of a great nation, of a people who deserves better. The Gabonese doesn’t deserve this, they deserve someone who represent them and make sure the leaders can heal back home. That is the truth and it should be stated. Bongo 1st Generation should have had capacity in all the years of his reign to build proper Health Care and Hospitals in Gabon. Instead, they have enriched themselves and built fortunes for themselves. They have not been there for the public and been public servants. As they should have been.

That is why the Second Generation of President, also have to seek medical treatment abroad. Because none of them cared about the hospitals back-home. Which is showing the tragic state of affairs, that they left behind. Peace.

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